Movie Review ‘Anyone but You’

By John Thomas

Even as a longtime customer of the coffee shop, Bea (Sydney Sweeney), can’t get the key to the much-needed restroom. The barista insists that she must buy something before being given the key. Grabbing a loaf of bread as a purchase doesn’t help as the checkout queue is long. Bea really needs the key – now!

Nearing the checkout stand, Ben (Glen Powell), hears the confrontation between Bea and the barista. He spontaneously tells the barista that Bea is his wife, orders her “favorite” coffee and offers to pay for the bread.

They take their coffees outside and enjoy the rest of the day in one another’s company. The day moves along to dinner and finally his apartment where they cuddle on the sofa for the night.

Not wanting to wake Ben the next morning, Bea slips out the front door without saying goodbye. Ben is miffed at her leaving without a word – especially since they had enjoyed such a wonderful day. He tells the friend who had popped in to hear about Ben’s last evening how awful she was and couldn’t wait to get rid of her.

Sadly, Bea, who had returned to apologize for suddenly leaving, overhears Ben’s words as she stands at his front door. Game over.

They have no communication for six months until a chance meeting at a departure lounge at Logan Airport. Her sister is getting married so Bea plans to attend the wedding – even one in faraway Australia. Ben is also a guest at the wedding and when the two meet they argue, blaming each other for their pleasant day ending so badly.

Their situation worsens in Sydney when they find they are scheduled to stay at the same private home. Things get more complicated as also attending the ceremony are Ben’s ex-girlfriend and Bea’s ex-fiancé.

During pre-ceremony activities, other members of the wedding party notice Ben and Bea’s acrimony towards each other. They find it disruptive and plot to calm the anger so the wedding can proceed smoothly. Working against them are the two exes – they don’t want to relinquish their holds on Bea or Ben. Even Bea’s parents become involved. They want their daughter and her ex to reunite. Fueled by jealousy, Ben’s ex moves into high gear to win him back.

Unfortunately, all the plots and plans are for naught. Respectful of the other guests’ wishes, the two antagonists decide to call a truce and pretend they are a happy couple once more. Acknowledging this reconciliation, they also hope the exes will leave them alone.

Arm in arm Bea and Ben participate in a mountain hike with several of the younger guests. Everyone is happy to see them together again. All goes well until Ben feels an itch. He rips off his clothes and finds a large insect crawling around in his briefs. Bea helps to check there are no more such creatures.

One of the planned pre-wedding activities is a cruise of Sydney Harbour onboard a glamorous luxury yacht. Everyone is having a good time dancing and drinking. Bea decides it would be a convincing idea for her and Ben to recreate the “Titanic scene” where two love struck lovers stand at the bow of the ship with their arms outstretched.

Good idea until Bea tumbles into Sydney Bay. Because the ship is in shallow water it can’t turn around to rescue her.

Directed by Will Cluck (Credits: Friends with Benefits, Peter Rabbit) “Anyone but You” runs 103 minutes and is a “see” for an amusing story well presented. Glen Powell steals the show.


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