Movie Review: ‘Shattered’

John Thomas

The dark Range Rover moves slowly into the nearly empty parking lot of a supermarket and is parked well away from the only other vehicle in the lot. Chris Decker (Cameron Monaghan) steps from the car, locks the door and drops the keys into his pocket. It’s close to midnight, the only time Chris likes to shop – tonight for ice cream.

The other customer in the store is Sky (Lily Krug), shopping for a strong wine to help her recover from a very trying day. They strike up a conversation. The two meet again outside in the chilly Montana night. She is waiting for a ride, which doesn’t appear, so Chris offers to drive her to her shared motel/apartment. Standing outside her rooms, she hears shouting coming from inside.

Chris notices her reluctance to enter so offers to drive her to his place – he can bring her back later. Gazing around his multimillion dollar, art-filled home, Sky asks how he can afford such a palatial residence – is he house sitting for his parents?

Reluctantly he explains no, it is his. He and his company made a fortune in the techno field by creating programs and innovations that he eventually sold to a major firm. Weary from living in the whirlwind world of technology, he sold his company, invested the money in art, stocks, bonds and this home where he can lead the reclusive life that he had previously so longed for.

Having worked in the hi-tech world, Chris and his house are protected by the latest advances in home security, with all aspects of it being controlled by his mobile phone.

The next morning Chris drives Sky to her motel. He knows nothing about her besides her name and the bar where she works. Haunted by the wild night spent together, Chris appears at her work. They agree to meet when she finishes her shift.

He is parked just around the corner in a dark lot where, upon arriving, they find someone trying to break into the driver’s door. Sky throws a beer bottle at the culprit, escalating tension leading to a fight. The result is Chris being hospitalized with a broken leg.

The next day Sky wheels Chris home from the hospital and offers to act as his live-in caregiver during his recovery. Propped up on the sofa with his full leg cast resting on a pillow, his new life begins – one he could never have imagined.

His first phone call is to his estranged wife to reschedule their divorce mediation. After speaking with his young daughter, he and his wife arrange for her to come to his place on the weekend so papers finalizing the divorce can be signed. The signatures are the only obstacles remaining in their separation agreement.

Sky grabs the Rover’s car keys and heads for a shopping trip in town. Sauntering out the front door she asks, “Do you need anything from the store?”

On her return, and in an ugly manner, she demands Chris join her at the kitchen bar as she gobbles battered chicken from the take-away tub. At the moment he is more interested in finding his mobile phone, “Have you seen it any place?” She denies knowing anything about his phone and continues eating. “It’s here some place,” She answers, “don’t worry, everything is under control.”

She may have taken control of his life, but she doesn’t know of the pending visit by Chris’s wife and young daughter.

Directed by Luis Prieto (Credits: Kidnap, Pusher), “Shattered” runs 92 minutes and is a “see” production for a pulse-pounding, twisted, thriller, what-could-possibly-happen-next story.

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