New Apartments Coming to East Side LB

Emily Blomquist
PARK TOWER – Changes to outdoor aspects of the building at Pacific Coast Highway and Anaheim Street.

There are struggles when trying to find an apartment for students, and there is the problem of lack of affordable housing, and scammers online. New housing is coming to Long Beach that will be catered towards Long Beach State students.

This most recent spring it was announced that there are plans for the East Long Beach Park Tower to be turned into student apartments. The developers are the Fountain Residential Partners located in Dallas, Texas. The website explained that the company is “a privately held development and asset management company that specializes in luxury, and affordable apartment homes in university and collegiate markets.”

The project is expected to begin construction in the fall of 2025. Currently the developers are still in the process of entitlement and design. There are still questions about how the tower will affect the plans with the city and intended structure use.

The developers are not working with the school to create the apartments. The developers and president have discussed the new addition to Long Beach, although they are not connected, President Jane Close Conoley said “I’m always looking for affordable housing for our students.”

New apartments closer to the school will be a new change to the Long Beach area because having more students will create traction within the businesses around the Park Tower. The new complex is only a ten minute drive from the Long Beach campus.

President Brent Little expressed his interest in the Park Tower because there are few real estate opportunities in Long Beach, pivoting the developers to look for buildings to change, instead of creating new ones. Little explained that “There is a dearth of housing for students in the Long Beach market.”

The Park Tower is to be remodeled into apartments for students. Turning the tower into a six-level apartment complex. The complex will contain 149 suites for occupants. The suites will contain individual rooms, as well as shared rooms. There will also be individual suites and suites containing up to six residents.

While the complex is not directly related to Long Beach State, the developers are trying to put in a shuttle stop that will take students from the complex directly to the campus to encourage students to take public transportation. They also proposed an existing metro bus stop to allow students transportation to Downtown Long Beach.

There is also a parking garage underneath the Park Tower where students will be able to keep their vehicles for an additional fee. 

Renting in Long Beach is difficult because “Long Beach rentals average $1,555 for a studio rental to $7,500 for a 4-bedroom rental.” With limited options, it is difficult for students to find affordable housing. There is the chance that students will gravitate towards the new apartments because of the lower rent being offered. 

The developers are projecting the rent to be starting under $1,000 per bed space, however it will vary depending on when the complex is finalized and set to open. Little stated that this rent will “include all furniture, utilities, wifi, fitness, pool, etc.”

The developers are aiming to promote interaction and communication between students. They hope to do so by creating  pools, a gym, and outdoor lounge areas.

Christine Schipper, project coordinator for Fountain Residential, said the company saw this project as a chance to “repurpose and reinvent an existing space for a much-needed cause.” With the lack of dorm space for all students, and limited affordable apartment complexes in the area, new housing is needed for students. 

The project is still in the development phase, projected to be able to lease to students in the 2025-2026 school year.


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