Open Letter to Cindy Allen

Stephen Downing

The below text is from an email I sent to Cindy Allen on Wednesday night after I read the LB Post article in which she attacked my integrity.

Since I have yet to receive a reply from Ms Allen I asked the publisher of the Beachcomber if he would kindly post this open letter to Ms. Allen.

Ms. Allen has consistently failed to answer the hard questions surrounding her potential conflicts of interest should she be elected – and now she has chosen to smear the integrity of those who seek the truth and expose the lies – as I did in my article about the fake business “Blume Media.“

The email text sent to her Wednesday evening follows:

Dear Ms. Allen,

Please provide me with proof for the statement you made to the LB Post – and to the city prosecutor- about my so-called coordination with the Fox campaign:

“Allen has also alleged that Beachcomber newspaper columnist Stephen Downing participated in the investigation, but Downing has denied any coordination with the Fox campaign.”

[Editor Note: The exact words she wrote are these: “Also, disturbing and unethical is that Stephen Downing, a writer and columnist for the Beachcomber is actively coordinating with the Fox campaign and printing information that he knows to be false.”]

I find it offensive and an affront to the integrity of the electorate that you would make this kind of “dirty politics” allegation when you will not provide the most fundamental documents that – as a reporter I have consistently asked for – regarding the “second (alleged) sale” of your business so as to avoid a conflict of interest should you be elected.

You have stonewalled that request for more than a week and now respond with an attack on my integrity.

The interest of the electorate should now shift to how it is that your influence is such that you are able to get this kind of political smear campaign published in the local press and considered for a criminal filing by Long Beach prosecutorial authorities – thus imposing the expense of legal defense upon the innocent to insure their freedom from politically influenced arrest and prosecution as well as the urgency to clear their name of your reckless – and false – accusations.

It is at best, the worst kind of politics to use your City Hall connections with your supporter, Mayor Garcia, to be able to engage the local prosecutor – as well as local media organizations-to even consider your outlandish, underhanded accusations.

I have long believed that the Garcia machine – of which you are now a willing cog – is a corrupting influence upon the governance of our city.

This smear – and the power behind its unsavory and eager publication in the local media – is further evidence of that.

Last week I asked that you provide proof of sale in your “second sale” of Agency ETA so that the electorate could be assured of your honesty and an absence of a conflict of interest should you be elected.

I am still waiting a similar request surrounding your so-called sale to Blume Media, a non-existent fake business created to cover your never-explained announcement.

The electorate has a right to know and you have an obligation to the truth.

But rather then provide the truth you resort this corrupt behavior.

This is the kind of leadership that needs to be eliminated from our city – along with those who both endorse and support it.

Be assured that your false accusations will be exposed in full.



Another example of corrupt LB politicians or in this case wana-be politician. This ex-cop is not even elected yet and she is already pulling favors from the corrupt city official's. This should show everyone how corrupt she is going to be if she wins. She is panicking, now that all the lies and deception she committed is not working, so of course she wants to distract us away from her corruption, and blame other for exposing her. SMH . I think she is upset because she had to move in with those TEN other people using her one bedroom condo on Ocean blvd to vote. LOL

I think she'll be a great council-person and she's got my vote.

Yes you are right, she will fit right in to this type of council we have now. If you want a dishonest and corrupt person then give her your vote. The rest of us will give our vote to someone that does not lie, cheat, steel, and is in bed with the people that are destroying our city SMH.

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