The Ordinarie on the Promenade

Jonathan Pekar, Food Dude

Ambiance and genuinely friendly people make for a great restaurant environment, The Ordinarie in Long Beach’s Promenade is all that and more.

Is their name kinda weird? Yes. But not back in the day, it was just another name for a tavern. The Ordinarie is a time-machine of sorts, the lighting is comfortable on the eyes, the bar is polished to a well-worn gleam and the artwork on the walls are consistent with their theme.

Their mission is simple, pay homage to the great American drinking culture while providing unparalleled hospitality to their guests. I feel like I am in an Edouard Manet painting here, it is that fun. 

Fabulous mixed drinks and a very diversified beer and wine selection complement their exquisite menu. I highly recommend sampling a drink they mix called The New Taboo ($14), it’s got Jamaican rum, lemon and spiced cranberry syrup mixed with a pineapple shrub. Oh man, does that hit the spot.

 The Ordinarie also has a unique appetizer: chicken pot pie bites ($15). Encased in a flaky pie crust mixed with peas and carrots, this little number packs a flavorful punch. Diverging from the traditional circular ‘pie shape’, these little boomerang looking gems mix well with the drinks.

Ordinarie’s French Dip sandwich ($17) is the kind of sandwich that makes you realize why you love sandwiches so much. The bread is so soft with a texture that compliments the perfectly prepared short ribs. The fontina cheese accompanied with the caramelized onions really make this the perfect sandwich to dip into the au jus sauce that accompanies this irresistible meal.

The main dishes are also awe-inspiring and well proportioned, a true treat for your encourageable pallet. Short ribs ($27), mussels with Italian sausage ($18), Salmon and winter leeks ($30), miso roasted chicken ($29) and Bavette steaks in a Madeira mushroom sauce ($35) will simply bring a smile to your face. And for the truly gifted in pure indulgence,

Ordinaries’s desserts to consider for your sweet tooth are Cherry Huckleberry Pie slices ($9) and the chocolate chip walnut-cookie sundae ($11) …yikes!

There is a parking structure right by the restaurant (be mindful of the one-way streets around this part of town). The Promenade is really worth checking out despite the traffic and construction. Long Beach is growing right before our eyes and hopefully many good things will come of this. Congratulations to The Ordinarie for being one of the reasons Long Beach is known for cool places to hang out. Go eat for yourself.


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