Pet Pantry Review

Kathryn Tierney

This tiny store is truly a labor of love ... catering to those who want to be sure they are feeding their pets safe, healthy food and those looking for natural solutions. Patty, the owner, sincerely cares about giving our furry friends the best lives possible. There is no price to put on the passion, commitment and concern consistently demonstrated by Patty and colleague David, let alone their knowledge and willingness to educate pet parents about pet nutrition and ways to help pets maintain long, healthy lives.

My 10-year-old cocker mix has suffered from chronic “cocker ear,” skin conditions and undiagnosed allergies her whole life, made worse, in my opinion, by irresponsible, uncaring and greed-motivated vets, with each “cocker ear” worse and more painful than the last. Recently, after spending yet another $500 at the vet, frantic for answers and heartsick at watching my beloved Lucy’s increased suffering and rapid decline, I called Patty for help. After just seven days of following Patty’s instructions, Lucy appears to be on the mend it goes without saying that Lucy and I will be forever grateful.

In short, you aren’t just a consumer/customer ... you are a real person with a real pet who matters. I am and will always be a lifetime advocate for this amazing woman and her unique store and I highly recommend the Pet Pantry at 28th and Cherry in Signal Hill if you are looking for a pet store that cares about your four-legged friends.

Kathryn Tierney




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