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John Tosdal

Let’s face it, our pets are like family members these days. We’ve provided them trips to dog parks, quality food, car rides, plenty of loving and vet trips. Yet, all pet owners will one day face the decision on how to treat their dearly departed pets. I spoke with Heather Birdwell from Long Beach based, Furrever Friends, about the services they provide to help us ride through the loss of a beloved pet.

What’s the mission of Furrever Friends?

We’re a small family-owned pet crematory located in Long Beach specializing in private pet cremation services and compassionate after care for your pet and our community.

Why should Long Beach residents use your services versus those of their veterinarians?

Although we work closely with our veterinary partnerships, to work directly with our crematory offers the pet parents an assurance of the condition and aftercare of your pet.

If a pet dies at a veterinary facility, what arrangements need to be made for cremation services to be available from Furrever Friends?

Contact Furrever Friends seven days a week to arrange a pick-up of your pet. Remember it is your right to choose your pets after care services.

What do you do to assure customers that their pet remains are not the remains of other pets?

After we explain the process, we’ll suggest you visit our site www.furreverfriends.com, which features a photo of our state-of-the- art, five-chamber retort that assures a private atmosphere for each soul. We also utilize a sophisticated tracking identification system.

What services do you provide in addition to cremation?

We aren’t just a crematory, we’re a funeral home for pets offering extended services like witness cremation, visitation and customization of keepsakes, jewelry and artwork.

What type of animals do you accept and not accept at Furrever Friends?

All animals of all sizes from a pocket pet sized hamster to large livestock and horses.

Where are deceased pets taken if you don’t handle the cremation services?

Typically, a deceased pet is held at the veterinary facility in a freezer until picked up by crematory service or 3rd party located in another city and or county. It may also take weeks to receive your pets remains.

What are the laws pertaining to the scattering of pet ashes?

Cremated remains are organic material which is safe for our environment. Maritime law allows a scatter at sea in international waters or 5 miles from land.

What type of mementos do you provide to pet owners following their pet’s cremation?

All sorts of lovely urns and keepsakes and each service includes certificate and impressions. Our keepsake catalog can be viewed on our website.

What was one of the most memorable or unique services you’ve provided?

Even though we are animal service, we are a human business.  Each time a pet parent delivers their pet directly to our facility, it’s an opportunity to hear about the relationship and the lessons learned from having a special pet. To help create a meaningful tribute is how best we honor our pets and help ourselves process grief and loss.  

For further information, visit their site at furreverfriends.com or call (562) 269-0444


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