Queen Mary Membership Program Offered

Daniel Pineda

In November 2022, Beachcomber published a story of the Long Beach City Council approving the payment of $1 million, for ongoing repairs to the Queen Mary.

And now, in partnership with Long Beach Heritage, in collaboration with Evolution Hospitality, LLC and the Queen Mary Heritage Foundation, Long Beach is now offering the first-ever annual membership opportunity for the Queen Mary.

The purpose of this new annual membership is part of a long-standing project made by the city to fund the repairs of the historic ship which, according to a 2021 inspection report made by the Elliot Bay Design Group, was expected to require at least $23 million for immediate repairs.

According to a press release issued by the city of Long Beach, the benefits of the Queen Mary’s Tourist Class Annual Membership include:

General admission for members with limited block out dates.

Two (2) general admission Day Passes annually.

Hotel guest pricing for Tour/Exhibit/Attraction tickets.

24-hour presale on Queen Mary Signature Events.

Discounted Ticket pricing during the presale of Queen Mary Signature Events.

According to a statement made by former Mayor Robert Garcia, “We hope this first of its kind membership opportunity will continue the public’s excitement and anticipation as we move closer to reopening additional amenities onboard the ship next year [2023].’’

It is also with the help of these memberships that the Queen Mary Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to historic preservation advocacy and education, was able to become reinstated.

“The Queen Mary is a Long Beach treasure and I am thrilled to announce the reinstatement of the Queen Mary Heritage Foundation,” said Queen Mary Heritage Foundation Historic Resources Advisor John Thomas. “The foundation looks forward to continuing its mission and is excited to welcome the new membership program to our efforts, where community members can personally contribute to the ship’s preservation through this annual membership opportunity.”

According to Joseph Rodriguez-Jozwiak, an administrative analyst of Long Beach’s Department of Economic Development, the idea of the annual membership was decided based on the city wanting the public to have an opportunity to support the historic ocean liner, during its temporary closing.

“The Queen Mary truly is a treasure that is beloved near and far,” First District Councilwoman Mary Zendejas said, in a press release. “This new membership program gives people from all over the opportunity to play a part in the ongoing preservation of the ship, while getting great benefits.”

When asked if the city of Long Beach will be pursuing other financial projects to support the Queen Mary’s restoration, Rodriguez-Jozwiak stated that nothing has been determined yet but, “the city and operator will be looking at creative ways to engage the public and raise funds for restoration and preservation efforts.”

Aside from purchasing the annual membership, citizens of Long Beach can also help support the restoration of the Queen Mary through donations, according to Rodriguez-Jozwiak.

“Those who do not wish to join the membership but are still interested in making a charitable contribution can go to the Long Beach Heritages Foundation website and donate any amount they would like, with funds going towards the Queen Mary restoration effort,” Rodriquez-Jozwiak said.

The city of Long Beach has not made a specific target, in terms of the amount of funding they hope to generate through the annual membership. However, according to Rodriguez-Jozwiak, the city and Evolution will identify projects in-part, based on the level of funding generated.

Most of the Queen Mary, including its restaurants, bars and shops, remain closed to the public as repairs to the ship continue. The city expects a broader reopening of the ship, including the ship’s hotel, early this year.

“We look forward to seeing the public aboard the ship in early 2023, providing a unique experience to guests lucky enough to enjoy her amenities,” Rodriguez-Jozwiak said.

For more information about the Queen Mary, including how to purchase a membership or donate, you can visit their official website at https://www.lbheritage.org/queen-mary/


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