Rance’s Chicago Pizza Is Fantastic

Jonathan Pekar, Food Dude

Have you ever had a real Chicago deep dish pizza pie? When done properly it is a work of art and I have found Long Beach’s pizza Picasso. Rance’s Chicago Pizza in Belmont Shore not only has the deep dish pizza perfected, they also do an amazing thick crust pan pizza and an equally impressive tavern thin.

Three different style pizzas of quality like this is a rare combination. Just what is going on here? What constitutes such an epic and diversified menu? I even enjoyed their salad! Is this stuff legal? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care one way or another; I just need to know where we stand.

Turns out, at Rance’s the dough, the sauces and even the salad dressing are all made from scratch, on location, at 2nd Street in the heart of all that classic Belmont Shore activity. Their crust is buttery and crumbles to the touch. Rance’s zesty and chunky tomato sauce will bring a smile to your face.

The atmosphere at Rance’s is fun and lively with a friendly staff that is very professional and courteous. They also have great choices of beer and wine to complement their exquisite menu. Rance’s is open ‘til 8:30 weekdays and 10 on weekends. Parking and driving can be tricky around 2nd Street, so be mindful of people who aimlessly wonder into traffic and street sweeping signs.

I ordered a pan pizza for take-home and if felt like I was carrying a small bag of concrete, this is seriously a big pizza. One or two slices of Rance’s deep dish would fill up most, I however, had three pieces for research (we are dedicated like that here at the Beachcomber). This pan pizza is over an inch thick.

The next morning, I had pizza for breakfast (again with the dedication to the work) and I fell into an eating nirvana of sorts. No way to call this “left-over pizza.” The proper term should be something along the lines of “short-term refrigerated fermentation to a heavenly blend of sauce with crust.” I am sure this new phrase will naturally shorten itself over time but let’s stay on topic.

This pizza got even better over time! The flavors, overnight in the refrigerator, combined to set in and became an incredible second meal! No wonder pizza is so much fun. Viva pizza! For all the details visit Rancespizza.com then go get yourself a true work of edible art.

Eat for yourself.


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