Redistricting Commission Votes to Approve Final Election District Map

Bill Pearl

LB's Districting Commission voted 13-0 at its Nov. 18 meeting to approve the final election district map, which the city attorney's office says "takes effect immediately but is subject to a 30 day legal challenge period.

Former CD5 Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske has told she's been informed there may be residents who will take legal action challenging reconfigured CD5.

The new election district map chops CD 5 longtime ELB district and attaches it to Cal Hts/part of Bixby Knolls.  CD 5 incumbent Councilwoman Mungo says she's considering moving to Cal Heights (where she says she owns a home) to seek reelection in 2022.  

Previously declared CD 5 candidates Schipske and Dobson are out of the 2022 CD5 election cycle unless they move their residences into the newly drawn CD 5.  Other CD 5 candidates may surface in newly configured district.

CD 4 (Supernaw) is now stretched northward taking El Dorado Park and nearby neighborhoods

The new map splits Bluff Park riling neighborhoods along CD 2/CD 3 border. It also allows incumbent CD3 Councilwoman Suzie Price (redistricted out of CD3 in an earlier proposed map) to remain within her district.

The commission is legally prohibited from considering the residences of any elected official or other individual in drawing district lines.

In 2018, LB voters approved a City Charter Redistricting amendment (ostensibly to minimize or prevent political influence in drawing district lines) that required respecting communities of interest and geographically contiguous areas.  Some have questioned whether stretching CD 5 to connect physically separated areas west of the airport violates that principle.

The legal remedy specified in the City Charter amendment to challenge the ultimately adopted map is a court proceeding (petition for writ of mandate) although state law may also affect challenges.


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