RV Ban

Scott Williams

Long Beach’s RV parking problem is apparently now in the hands of the Coastal Commission.

The recent disasters in Texas and Florida got me to thinking. While we don’t have to contend with hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, floods and other seasonal natural disasters we do have our share of problems. Brown outs in the heat and, of course, earthquakes.

In a March 2014, press release citing a portion of the City of Long Beach Statement on Earthquake Preparedness by Deputy City Manager Reginald Harrison stated “Since disasters can strike quickly and without warning, it is imperative for residents to have an emergency plan and an emergency kit with enough food, water, and other supplies to survive on their own for five days after an emergency.”

My motor home is my emergency kit and has been for many years. In addition to “food, water and other supplies” it provides shelter, contains an independent power supply, sanitary facilities and communications, all of this just a few steps from my back door. In addition to that it will provide a means of evacuation if that becomes necessary.

Having to park in a commercial RV storage park several miles away which would in all likelihood be inaccessible leaves me, my family and possibly my neighbors at the mercy of overtaxed, under manned city services and is certainly not what Harrison had in mind when he prepared the Statement on Earthquake Preparedness but, then, maybe the city leaders have changed their minds and now feel that the government can provide for us better than we can.


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