Sex, Lies and Videotape

The accusations in this article show a need for an outside investigator to examine what happened and when. If in fact LBPD officers were using cocaine and prostitutes they need to be criminally charge. If officers were covering up and not reporting what they knew they must be dismissed from the department.
If this information is true there should be a change in leadership at the department in many ranks.
Charles Cobbley
Wow. Just. Wow. What the heck is happening to our fair city?
Pamela Berry Worthy
Considering all of the biased inferences and, as yet, unproven allegations and speculation, I’m so glad that the Beachcomber finally publishes Downing’s tripe in the opinion section, where it rightly belongs, rather than in the “news” section as used to be the case.
As a former police administrator, Downing surely knows that all rookie officers who have not yet passed their probationary period are subject to immediate dismissal at any time. Had LBPD not allowed Potter to resign in lieu of termination (if that’s, in fact, what happened) Downing would surely have condemned the department for allowing him to remain employed there.
Downing’s belief that dismissing Potter somehow prevents LBPD from fully investigating the allegations is nonsense. LBPD can still interview Potter at any time but Internal Affairs most likely interviewed Potter fully (on tape and after they provided a Lybarger Admonishment) before allowing him to resign (again, if that’s what happened) and escorting him off the property.
I hope the investigation uncovers every bit of wrong-doing that actually occurred and that the department punishes it appropriately and likewise properly disproves every allegation and each bit of “speculation” that is false.
Regardless of the final outcome, it’s pretty obvious that Downing will most likely condemn LBPD, just as he already has here before, having all of the facts and before the investigation has concluded.
John B. Greet
[Editor’s Note: The LBPD’s “investigation” was initiated only after the Beachcomber’s numerous inquiries were made.]


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