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Destroy the Man…Destroy the Movement!

We are now witnessing the final act of an over four-year campaign to destroy Trump the man and the MAGA movement. Liberal Democrats and their co-conspirators in the media began their united jihad to manipulate public opinion even before he was elected. He has been depicted as a stupid, right-wing radical as were his followers who were alarmed when they saw the country becoming socialist.

Remember the riots we endured a few months ago caused by the anarchist group ANTIFA; yes riots, not demonstrations. Do you also remember that the criminals, thugs, thieves and arsonists who set our cities ablaze were constantly called “demonstrators” and we were relentlessly reminded of their 1st Amendment rights to demonstrate in whatever manner they choose? Where is the government and media crusade to reign in, identify and prosecute the criminal group ANTIFA?

Have you noticed that wanted-poster after wanted-poster are being generated from the Washington incident, but we never saw wanted-posters identifying the thugs and arsonists who set afire LA, Long Beach and many other US cities? They then occupied and declared sovereignty over large sections of Portland while also burning several blocks of the city? Sounds like an “insurrection” to me. The thugs, anarchists and ANTIFA were all given a free pass by the liberal Democrat mayors who share the same socialist agenda as the extremists.

Did you notice how well organized many of the Washington crowd were, how they had the proper helmets and associated riot gear, those were ANTIFA and they were there to riot whatever the election outcome was. Where is the media reporting on this?

The media and Democrats have labeled the Washington incident as an “Insurrection,” a “Constitutional Crisis” and compare it to Nazi Germany. It won’t be long before Trump hats and banners will be declared to be seditious contraband and anyone caught in possession will be arrested and forced to surrender their Bill of Rights freedoms.

The Democrats’ hate campaign has for the last several years been engineered by the bloodthirsty Pelosi and her democrat shock-troops. Now these relentless extremists are going to try to impeach President Trump in an effort to destroy the man completely.

Remember their intolerant bias when you watch the news or read a paper. Remember that also if you listen to democrat political commentators. Remember, they want to destroy the man – destroy the movement permitting free speech if you dare to disagree with a democrat. The liberals, whether they are in the media or politics want to demonize anyone who disagrees with them. That means Trump and you who oppose Socialism and demand that our First Amendment rights are as protected as are the thugs and arsonists who set fire to our cities.

Remember, if they destroy the man, they will destroy the First Amendment for all who disagree with Liberal Democrats, that will be the “Constitutional Crisis” that we should all fear. VOTE!

Craig Miller


Inciting a riot — defined as when a person willfully urges others to engage in a riot and that urging is a contributing cause of a riot in which there is property damage in excess of $1,500 or serious bodily injury — is, according to the law a Class F felony. It can result in up to a $25,000 fine and/or up to 12-1/2 years in prison.

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, a riot took place in Washington D.C., as the counting of the electoral vote was underway and that riot was incited by the words of the incumbent – but lame duck – president, who had two-weeks before the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden, was to be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.

Donald Trump urged his supporters to “fight like hell” and to “take back our country.” He then directed the protesters to march on to the Capitol building, which they did while also answering the call of Trump consigliere, Rudy Giuliani, to have a “trial by combat” and hearing Donald Trump Jr. threaten congress members with the words “we’re coming for you,” both men had encouraged “total war” in the weeks prior to the attempted takeover of the Capitol building.

As the incited mob crashed through doors and windows of the Capitol building, Senate and House of Representatives chambers were evacuated by vastly outnumbered Capitol security. Mob members then proceeded to occupy the vacated Senate chambers but law enforcement officials, guns drawn, prevented mob access to the evacuated House floor.

Nevertheless, the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was looted and vandalized. Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were discovered on the grounds of the Capitol, as were explosives placed at offices for both the Democratic and Republican National Committees.

Five people lost their lives in the events of Jan. 6, while several dozen more were injured. Brian D. Sicknick, a Capitol Police officer, died after having his head mercilessly pummeled with a fire extinguisher by mob members.

Donald Trump called the rioters “great patriots” while hesitating to send the District of Columbia National Guard to contain the mob and reinstate order. Eventually the rioting was quelled and the counting of the electoral vote (which is typically a perfunctory ritual) resumed.

The mechanisms of American democracy succeeded even after this lame duck president incited a violent and deadly riot. Perhaps for that we can be grateful. The question remaining is how will Donald Trump be held to account for his felonious deeds.

Ben Miles


I’m sure I’m not the only one who wonders at the news worthiness of people who don’t have any facts to back up their statements. When three of them come together and write something as seriously wrong as. “In Congress, where many have watched and reeled as the president spent four years of breaking norms and testing the nation’s guardrails of democracy, Democrats are unwilling to take further chances with only a few days left in his term.”

I question why they should put an emphasis on a Congress that did nothing but harass the president for four years and even had the first ever partisan impeachment in the history of the nation fall flat.

Why not jump on these fools who have spent our revenue very unwisely that we the citizens have made available for real government leaders to use to affect U.S. positively. While Nancy and the manipulative house wasted funds on impeachment and constant gatherings of the mindless to question anything and everything they could think up to divert and hold down the president’s rapid progress our president was working tirelessly with innovative, respected and knowledgeable people and making informed presidential decisions to bring back the nations luster that has been dimmed by career politicians with no idea how to run anything, let alone a government.

Trump had gotten the nation quickly out of one of the most prolonged Democrat depressions while increasing the employment of minorities and women far above anything seen in decades. He reworked trade agreements that had been worked out and signed previously by individuals with no economic prowess at all. He stopped China with tariffs that have helped our nation realize we need to get more of the jobs back we have lost to China through concerted efforts of leftist businesses and their political allies.

He has begun a peace in the Middle East that no one thought possible in our festering political class up to now for at least decades. He mounted Operation Warp Speed that brought about the unthinkable vaccine for COVID in months that no one thought possible even two months ago. In November, Fauci said it couldn’t happen and he was wrong, not Trump!

Trump got our armed services back on their feet after Obama had let them get so unready, they literally had to get parts from other planes just to keep some of them in the air. Trump raised the wages and fixed the VA Hospital mess that has been a burden and death sentence for many in our armed services for far too long.

These are just a few of the guardrails of Democracy that it would seem are not enough for the Associated Press and Democrats to fit into their agenda. The American people like Trumps breaking norms and pushing the swamp into action that we have been paying for and not getting for decades. Trump was asking himself what he could do for his country and not what his country could do for him, to paraphrase an actual Democrat.

What’s insane is that the American voters and citizens have to read and listen to pure crap from people with an agenda far from the needs and desires we care about. Trump 2024! From one of the 72M plus living Republican voters ready to get back to progress.

Vance Frederick


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