Vote "No" on Political Corruption

Stephen Downing

Editor's Note: The following email was address to Councilwoman Suzie Price with copies to the mayor and other council members:

As a constituent of the 3rd district I urge you to attend the April 18 meeting of the council and remain in the meeting for item #24 and vote NO on the measure.

The ordinance in place is the result of reforms to eliminate money machine politics in Long Beach.  It should remain in place.

I personally made contributions to help elect Councilwoman Pearce. It was not my intent that the contributions would go to any other politician or I would have donated to that politician's campaign.

The fact that she is leading this shadowed and manipulated corruption of those reforms is disappointing to say the least. I will not support her in the future knowing that this is her political mindset.

This action by the mayor, Pearce and other members of the council is a serious issue that retards the progress made toward cleaning up machine politics in Long Beach. A YES vote will only turn us backward. Please vote NO and encourage your council colleagues to vote NO.

Stephen Downing is a Beachcomber columnist:


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