What did you think about "Beach Streets" in East Long Beach April 29?

Good event
55% (31 votes)
Okay event
5% (3 votes)
Bad event
7% (4 votes)
It sucked!
16% (9 votes)
No opinion
16% (9 votes)
Total votes: 56


I thought it really brought out the community and brought the community together. I live near what was the Spring St hub. There were lots and lots of bikers, families, old and young. Wish there were more food booths and food trucks at the Spring St hub, as there really weren't any.

Beach streets was horrid. Bad idea for residents. Brings people into our neighborhoods not wanted. Due to noise, traffic and trash. Notification of street closure was very poor. No one on my street knew of it night before. Costly, waste of city money. Where is this money coming from?

{Anonymous posting under sanctuary city poll}

Beach Streets is a very well organized event, with plenty of advance publicity and a detailed map of closures that I cut out of the paper.  It’s true that the retail outlets suffer on that day, but for the people who live in the immediate neighborhood it’s an old-fashioned down-home festival, a come-as-you-are party for the whole family, where kids and parents alike enjoy the freedom of walking and biking without “watching for cars.”  It definitely increases the sense of “our neighborhood”, and creates a love of your fellow man that may be temporary but is quite enjoyable and energizing.  You have to participate to feel it.

Email from Carol Poto, South of Conant neighborhood

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