‘Monster Builder’

Arnold Shapiro


Today I happened to read Ben Miles’ review of The Monster Builder in the Beachcomber, after seeing the play at SCR last night. I am a season subscriber to SCR & have been for years. Most of their productions are enjoyable. A few have been outstanding. And some, like The Monster Builder, have been awful. Your review was spot on. The writing, acting and direction of this play were unbelievably bad. I have enjoyed some of Amy Freed’s previous plays, but this was by far her worst.

I have a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and remember taking a course in critical writing, thinking it would be a snap. It was one of the hardest courses I ever took. A critic has to have a tremendous frame of reference to be able to write a knowledgeable review. I don’t know his background but I found his review well written, referenced and enjoyable. Thank you.

I will look for more of Miles’ reviews in the future.


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