02/22/2024 - 5:08pm
An endangered green sea turtle was rescued near Avila Beach, California, on Dec. 11, 2023 by The Marine Mammal Center’s San Luis Obispo Operations based in Morro Bay, California. The turtle was transferred to the Aquarium of the Pacific where its veterinary and animal husbandry staff performed surgery and are caring for the sea turtle behind the scenes as it recovers. “The rescued sea turtle did...
Black History Month
02/22/2024 - 5:04pm
When John Malveaux arrived in Long Beach from Beaumont, Texas in 1955, he recalled the new environment was a less segregated environment than his Lone Star hometown, where he attended Blessed Sacrament High School. After Hughes Junior High, at Long Beach Poly High School, Malveaux played football as a running back, track as a pole vaulter and his favorite sport, baseball. Upon graduation,...
LONG BEACH’S state assembly representative, Josh Lowenthal, has been a champion for healthcare coverage to be applied to PANS/PANDAS – along with accurate diagnosis and level of treatment by healthcare professionals and insurance companies.
02/22/2024 - 5:02pm
Long Beach’s state assembly representative, Josh Lowenthal, earlier this month introduced AB 2105 [Editor Note: Corrected from AB 2015 in the print edition] in Sacramento. It would provide health insurance coverage for an inflammatory brain disorder that can become chronic or life-threatening conditions to children when left untreated – and which is typically misdiagnosed by doctors. Governor...
TRIBUTES to Aiden Gossage were posted at the LCD accident scene in September 2021.
02/22/2024 - 4:49pm
A Lakewood man was sentenced to 180 days in jail and two years probation on Feb. 16 as part of a plea deal for fatally striking a teenager in East Long Beach in 2021. Kevin Chris Dahl pleaded no contest in late January to one count of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence for crashing into 16-year-old Aiden Gossage, killing him while he was crossing the street of Los Coyotes Diagonal and...

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