Local residents shared their enthusiasm and support for those voicing opposition to Signal Hill granting an oil company permission for a 20-year extension and the ability to add up to 46 new oil wells.
06/22/2024 - 8:55am
More than 50 residents filled the Signal Hill council chambers earlier this month, with over 30 of them voicing opposition. Local residents voiced concerns and reasons for objecting to the Signal Hill City Council approving a 20-year allowance of a major oil-well permit. If approved by the city, Signal Hill Petroleum (SHP) would be able to drill up to 46 new oil wells and build up to the same...
06/14/2024 - 10:43am
The City of Long Beach will open the popular inflatable “Wibit” aquatic playgrounds at Alamitos Beach and Bay Shore Avenue on Friday, June 14, offering residents and visitors of these Long Beach beaches free, family-friendly fun and active water play all summer long through Monday, Sept. 2. “The Bay Shore Wibit draws residents and visitors to Alamitos Bay and offers families free summertime fun...
06/14/2024 - 10:40am
Homeowners in Long Beach’s Bryant neighborhood are facing a major dilemma. How do you get to enjoy living on streets and in houses built at least a hundred years ago in this day of expansion and building out? For those interested in learning more about the concerns addressed in Bryant Neighbors for Responsible Development Vs. City of Long Beach, a legal action filed at LA County Superior Court on...
A MAN WALKS over the 710 Freeway jammed with semi-trucks as he heads west along Anaheim Street on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021.
06/14/2024 - 10:38am
Editor Note: This article was originally published on June 3 by the Long Beach Post, a nonprofit news organization. Greenhouse gas emissions rose 18% in Long Beach over a six-year period, with car travel the single largest contributor, the most recent assessment of the city’s effort to combat climate change shows. The data was released in April but gathered in 2021, a year before the city...
06/14/2024 - 10:24am
It’s always nice to hear from readers. One wrote me in 2023 asking the whereabouts of the sign pictured in my October 2016 article on the Signal Hill Model T Hill Climb: I told him the picture was most likely photographed in the area where redevelopment later took place and had been removed. I suggested he reach out to...
Music History
06/14/2024 - 10:21am
As a punk rocker, he went by the name of Rocco Roll, but his real name was Rocco Francis Banich. He’s now 68-years-old and housed at the California State Prison-Sacramento (SAC) in Represa. At the dawn of punk rock, likely the late 1970s, Banich created the Absentees, their only record release was a throbbing punk rocker with an odd guitar break, “Tryin’ to Mess with Me” in 1981. Their record...
06/14/2024 - 10:16am
Mayor to Honor Community Leaders for Philanthropy, Service at Special Ceremonies Mayor Rex Richardson announced that comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Samuel “Skip” and Beth Keesal, and Rev. Dr. Leon and Paula Wood will be the recipients of the 2024 Keys to the City. “Each of these extraordinary people represent the best of Long Beach, whether it be through philanthropy, service to the...

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