05/16/2024 - 5:18pm
Gart Palumbo posted this photo on Facebook recently, showing the price of gas in the late 1950s at $.289 per gallon. Between 1958 and 1965, Don Temple leased the land and operated a Standard Oil station at the southwest corner of Palo Verde Avenue and Spring Street. He bought the property from Irvine Land Co. in 1965. Temple passed away in 2013 and his family still owns the property, which was...
05/16/2024 - 5:15pm
The outbreak of tuberculosis (TB) in Long Beach raises a few classic questions about public health that have become loud and clear since the start of COVID-19. TB had seen 27 years of decline that ended nationwide four years ago by increasing numbers. The U.S. reported that 9,615 active infections took place last year – a 16% increase over the previous year. California saw a 15% rise in TB cases...
05/16/2024 - 5:12pm
California Assemblymember Pilar Schiavo has proposed the “Healthy Homework Act” to tackle excessive homework and its negative impact on student well-being.  The bill, AB 2999, seeks to change California public schools’ homework policies. It mandates that local school boards and educational agencies develop guidelines that prioritize students’ physical and mental health.  This move aims to...
Blasts From the Past
05/16/2024 - 5:09pm
Five inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame were just rolled out. From Cher to A Tribe Called Quest, no one named approached the triumph and tragedy involved in the induction of rhythm and blues pioneer Hank Ballard in 1990. A fan of my Sunday morning R&B show on KLON, FM88, Long Beach, ex-Texas lawyer Wild Jimmy Tucker contacted me 30 years ago. He claimed to have been Jumpin’ Jim...
05/16/2024 - 5:00pm
THE LONG BEACH AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit at the 2024 City National Bank Entrepreneur of the Year program. Held at the Hyatt Regency on April 11, the event welcomed over 350 guests who joined in honoring exceptional business leaders who have made significant contributions to our community. Congratulations to John Cassar for earning the prestigious City National...
05/16/2024 - 4:50pm
A bittersweet moment for the Dirtbags on May 10, as Long Beach State dropped its first game of a three-game series against No. 16 UC Irvine and on a night the team held a pregame ceremony to retire legendary pitcher Jered Weaver’s No. 36. “I remember how it was to have Dreamweaver playing when I came out for the first inning, the deuces chants from our dugouts, the knee slaps and the breakdowns...

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