She loved too much
02/20/2019 - 3:08pm
Gwen Barfield Depaz (Parker) passed away recently, at the age of 66. Long Beach Police were summoned to her East Long Beach home on Monday, Feb. 18, at 3:10 p.m. by a neighbor’s request to check her well being. She was pronounced deceased by responding Long Beach Fire Department personnel at 3:42 p.m. Depaz had been in declining health over the past few months. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s...
City Council Snubbed
02/14/2019 - 4:47pm
On Oct. 8, 2017 and again on Jan. 17, 2018 the Beachcomber reported the story surrounding the jury verdict in the case of Thomas Gonzales, a former city employee assigned as a civilian investigator to the Citizen Police Complaint Commission (CPCC) in which the jury rejected what Gonzales’ attorney Kimberly Lind, described as the city’s retaliatory actions against him for making allegations of...
02/14/2019 - 4:45pm
According to a newly released report, Long Beach State University is “an economic powerhouse” that has an annual $1.53 billion impact on the economies in its home city and in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County communities. Among the other insights gained from the analysis are: CSULB’s impact on Los Angeles County, alone, is approximately $1.14 billion. The campus’ impact on neighboring...
The original Cyclone Racer at the Pike.
02/14/2019 - 4:43pm
Since 2013, Larry Osterhoudt, a Downey engineer, described by respected Long Beach historian, the late Ken Larkey, as the primary authority on the Cyclone Racer, has been waging a battle to restore the famous roller coaster to a site near the original NuPike. In 2011, a hoped-for return of the Cyclone Race began. “The City Council called for a feasibility study, which was voted on in October 2013...
02/14/2019 - 4:41pm
The Long Beach City Council voted unanimously during a special half-hour meeting Feb. 5 to increase the refuse rates in a two-step, city-wide adjustment. The council made its decision after hearing from Public Works Director Craig Beck and Environmental Services Bureau Manager Diko Melkonian, who gave a presentation with facts and figures. Several members of the public spoke at the podium...
02/14/2019 - 4:31pm
In the California State University system, 41 percent of students have experienced food insecurity, 21 percent of those were very low food security, and 11 percent had experienced homelessness in the last year. It’s a shocking list of statistics that shed light on the harsh reality college students in California are facing today. The study which was done by Rashida Crutchfield, an Assistant...
Back: Paul Lovely, CARE Center Executive Director, Robert Boller, Project Angel Food Director, Mona Lee, Project Angel Food Director, Richard Ayoub, Project Angel Food Executive Director, Stacey Slevcove, LINC Housing Development Manager, Nina Dooley, LINC Housing VP of Corporate Development. Front: Kit Katz, St. Mary Director of Community Benefits, Sister Celeste Trahan, St. Mary Vice President of Mission Integration, and Suny Lay Chang, LINC Housing COO
02/14/2019 - 4:14pm
Dignity Health - St. Mary Medical Center recently awarded two local non-profit organizations,  LINC Housing and Project Angel Food, with essential funding to improve and expand their services to persons in need. “The Community Health Grant Program is one way the hospital can work collaboratively to improve the health and wellness of the communities we serve,” shared Carolyn Caldwell, St. Mary...
02/05/2019 - 10:04am
During the month of February we are polling readers in our 18th annual Best of Long Beach Contest. Participants are eligible for more than $8,000 in prizes. Follow this link to access the form, which can be downloaded and/or printed: IMPORTANT: DO NOT FILL IN THE ONLINE FORM. DOWNLOAD OR PRINT IT BEFORE FILLING IN THE BLANKS AND RETURNING...

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