Will It Help End LBPD Corruption?
02/25/2021 - 5:28pm
It’s called a Brady list and Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón is undertaking measures to put some real meaning into it. In a recent letter to the LBPD – as well as other Los Angeles County law enforcement agencies – Gascón requested that Chief Robert Luna provide his office with the names of officers who have histories of misconduct that may affect their credibility in court. Gascón’...
“I’ve been to prison 40 times”
02/25/2021 - 5:25pm
Before taking the internet by storm via a social media post, I had a chance to speak with Joseph Valadez, the recent Long Beach State grad whose “full 180” story is sure to inspire others. Valadez, a 63-year-old native of Stanton, Calif. was candid, welcoming and intense. There wasn’t much he held back after the lengthy phone conversation we shared. Belonging to the same social media group for...
02/25/2021 - 5:23pm
On Sunday night Feb. 21, Governor Gavin Newsom’s press office said the governor would visit a vaccination site in Long Beach on Monday morning (Feb. 22) “to highlight the city’s leadership in administering vaccinations to its residents.” The media advisory offered the event live streamed on City Hall’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages with photos and video available through Long Beach city...
02/25/2021 - 5:22pm
David Cundiff, a retired medical doctor, educator, researcher and health author, has spent years educating on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and reducing the carbon footprint, among other topics. The author of five books, with the latest being “Grand Bargains, Fixing Health Care and the Economy,” which can be purchased as a softcover or read for free as a PDF online at www....
GIOVANNA QUEVEDO, right, is the author of “A Kid’s Guide to Radiation Therapy, with staff member from Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital, where they have copies of her book.
02/25/2021 - 4:50pm
Radiation therapy has just gotten easier to understand with this bilingual book explaining the once intricate process to something everyone can understand.  Giovanna Quevedo, Cal State Long Beach student and Girl Scout Ambassador, wrote “A Kid’s Guide to Radiation Therapy” while keepingt in mind her mom and the children that were trying to understand the grueling process of it all. “There were a...
02/14/2021 - 1:19pm
Following up on previous Beachcomber coverage, after a nearly seven-hour Feb. 11 Coastal Commission hearing, Long Beach 7th District Councilman Roberto Uranga (who's simultaneously a Coastal Commission member) made a series of motions that gave Long Beach city management what it wanted: Coastal Commission approval of a downsized version of the initially proposed Belmont Plaza pool rebuild,...

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