11/30/2023 - 2:50pm
Christine Anne Ho photographed Shoreline Village on Thanksgiving morning with a Nikon D810 and Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. Send us your recent, best photo in JPG format of a Long Beach scene and we’ll publish it in an upcoming issue of the Beachcomber. Email to, write “My Best Shot” in the subject line and include your name, contact information (which is not published),...
LGB History – Part 2
LGB TODAY with a new check-in facility left of the main terminal building.
11/30/2023 - 2:48pm
As discussed in part one of this series, Aviator Earl Daugherty saw the opportunities aviation presented. Early in his career, he utilized the long beach, on the city’s shoreline, eventually buying land to establish his own flying field in an area of Long Beach known as “Chateau Thierry.” He was just getting started. On July 16, 1920, Daugherty received official city endorsement to develop a...
11/30/2023 - 2:46pm
During a special meeting on Nov. 17, the Long Beach City Council declared a local emergency, after a recent cyber attack was made on the city’s network security systems. The meeting took place at Long Beach City College’s Liberal Art campus, with Mayor Rex Richardson leading the meeting virtually. “It’s important to know that this is an ongoing investigation, and we will continue to provide...
11/30/2023 - 2:44pm
It’s bad news for ducks, geese, and families that love to go have a picnic at the El Dorado Park West Duck Pond. The work won’t be getting done for nearly another year for the popular duck pond, located at the section of the park on Studebaker Road and next to the El Dorado Park Golf Course. The fences may be staying up until the upgrade gets done by October 2024, according to a city staffer in...
11/30/2023 - 2:40pm
The City of Long Beach recently announced that they are implementing an outreach to the homeless with mobile on-the-go vans. These vans are the mobile access centers (MAC). The vans will be going throughout the city, including downtown and North Long Beach. This plan was created because the state of California declared a state of emergency over homelessness. As of January 2023, there were 3,447...
11/30/2023 - 2:28pm
Leo Garrett arrived at El Dorado Park just as skies began to turn gray and foreboding, a storm clearly brewing. Garrett looked up, smiled, and laughed like an average 18 year-old without a care in the world might laugh, however, Leo Garrett is anything but average. A reporter had reached out to him to discuss a serious matter and the issue of crime, a new, different kind of crime. “I was playing...

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