“Daylight Robbery” Protest Planned

Monday, September 18, 2017 - 4:00pm

Housing Long Beach is holding a demonstration at a local property management company to protest displacement, gentrification, rent gouging, and other issues that are plaguing Long Beach renters. “Long Beach renters are being robbed in broad daylight” according to Josh Butler, Executive Director of Housing Long Beach, who added, “the lack of action from our leadership is akin to aiding and abetting this crime against our neighbors.”

Long Beach has seen some of the fastest rising rents in California and is the largest population of renters on the west coast without any renter protections. Housing Long Beach called for eviction protections to be put in place over a year ago, but, there has been no discussion from the City Council.

Butler says the problems have spread so far and wide, that Long Beach must consider rent control. “If measures aren’t put in place fast, Long Beach renters are going to keep getting punched in the face.”

Protest details will be released on Sunday. For now, supporters are encouraged to meet at Housing Long Beach an hour prior to the protest and to wear black. Follow Housing Long Beach on Facebook and on Twitter @HousingLB.

What: Daylight Robbery Protest

Where: Meet at Housing Long Beach (inside St. Luke’s at 525 E. 7th St.)

When: Monday, Sept. 18, 4 p.m. (supporters are encouraged begin arriving at 3 p.m.)



This must end. If it keeps going we will have no middle class. Upper call and rich the other side will be low class and poverty. The cap in my opinion should be 5 percent over mortgage payment insurance payment. Property Maintenance total divided by number of units. Revenue will be placed on long-term ownership. Equity going up on the property can tax write-off of any emergency fixes of said property

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