1% for the Arts

Councilwoman Suzie Price

Tuesday an item that is near to my heart came before the city council. The 1% for the Arts program creates a new ongoing funding source for public art, grants for local artists, and support for our established art institutions and groups like the Long Beach Symphony, Musical Theatre West, the Museum of Latin American Art, the International City Theater and the Long Beach Opera.

These funds are created through an additional 1% added to new public capital construction projects built in Long Beach, and provide an opportunity for new development to further help reinforce a sense of community and inspire residents to take greater ownership over their neighborhoods.

We know that art helps improve entire communities by activating under-used space, and bringing residents together. This occurs because public art is uniquely inclusive allowing all people to experience it and enrich their life. Yes, science and technology are important and they help us live, but art inspires us and gives reason to live. A life without art would lack creativity and provide less opportunity to share public experiences with neighbors.

This program stands to have an amazing impact on Long Beach as we join with many other cities across the country that have dedicated programs like it. This will serve to ensure that public art will continue to be nurtured in our city giving way to vibrant cultural events and future generations who find inspiration in sculpture, music, dance, drama and all other forms of art that serve to reaffirm our humanity.

Thank you to everyone involved in this program from city staff, to stakeholders, and residents. Please feel free to contact my office with questions any time at (562) 570-6300.



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