$300K Club

Not a single government employee should ever be paid $300K. It can’t be justified.

Chris Giles


 I think the city attorney is qualified for his salary but question the others.

Rose Black


Time to drain the swamp. These city officials are crooks [that] make way too much money. When they retire they will still have an income of over 180 thousand per year.

They try and say it’s the blue-collar worker pensions that are a problem. I call BS on that one. My understanding is the workers have not had much of raises in the past eight years and can barely keep up with cost of living. There’s talk of a strike by workers that can have a impact on city services, which in return effects the citizens.

LB officials take from the workers by not giving them raise and take it for themselves. LB is another City of Bell in the making. Get rid of them all.

Mark Januszka


You forgot how much we are paying for the defense of illegals.

Maria LaDuca


Why doesn’t Long Beach negotiate their city union contracts like San Diego, South San Francisco and others cities where all salary and benefit increases are first ratified by a vote of the citizens paying those increased incomes before the contract is signed. This tends to keep benefit increases down and gives the public a say in the taxes they will have to pay.

Long Beach relies entirely on their city officials to negotiate with the union which is a conflict of interest because city official salaries increase with the union increases. Essentially, city officials negotiate their own raises.

Each union member gets to vote to ratify their pay increase before the contract is signed. Why isn’t that same courtesy extended to citizens who are actually paying the city employees.

Mike Ruehle


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