Act 'American'

Vance Frederick

It’s bad enough the liberal media’s trying to destroy Trump’s administration with innuendo, not printing real stories of success and continually banging the drum of not the best job and his tweets. To have folks like John McCain come out and say Trump needs to back up his statement that Obama’s administration tapped his phones during the presidential campaign is ridiculous. Why doesn’t he ask the NY Times why they put it in their paper? Why doesn’t he ask anyone to come up with one statement of truth that Trump’s people conspired with Russia after Clapper and others said there is no inkling of it in anything the intelligence agencies have gone through.

It’s time to give Trump a chance. It’s time for Democrats to get off their butts and do what’s right, if they can figure out what that even means. It’s time for Dem voters to grow up and act like adults and stop whining like babies or college students that their candidate lost. It’s about time we all started acting like Americans.



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