Air-conditioned Classrooms Planned

Kirt Ramirez

With winter fast approaching and people bundling up for the cold weather, air-conditioning might be the last thing on people’s minds.

But the Long Beach Unified School District is preparing for next summer and summers to come – the time of year when heatwaves can scorch the southland.

Typically the hottest days fall within August and September for coastal Southern California – especially September. Heatwaves often strike just as children return to school after the summer recess. They can find themselves in hot, un-air-conditioned classrooms.

The LBUSD is working on changing that.

When 75 percent of voters approved the $1.5 billion school bond Measure E last November, they provided funding for the LBUSD to have air-conditioning installed at all the district’s schools, along with other campus projects. An estimated $700 million will be used for air-conditioning and related construction.

Currently 34 schools of the 85 have A/C but 51 have limited A/C or units that are outdated. Most of the schools older than 40 years do not have the infrastructure capable of handling air-conditioning and must be upgraded.

LBUSD’s goal is to have air-conditioning in all of its classrooms within about eight years, beginning with top-priority schools.

Air-conditioned portable classrooms are being installed this fall at four “hub” schools for students to attend while their school is being modernized. Also, portables already existing at Monroe will be used for housing students.

For winter work starting in January 2018:

  • All grades for Stephens Middle School will go to Jordan Plus High School until August 2018.
  • All grades for Kettering Elementary will be relocated elsewhere on the Kettering campus.
  • Cleveland Elementary grades three, four and five will go to Monroe K-8 until August.
  • All grades at Riley Elementary will be moved somewhere else on campus.
  • Rogers Middle School grades six and seven will go to a different location on campus and grade eight will go to Browning High School until August.
  • Garfield Elementary students will stay on site.

These are interim housing sites listed for January 2018 through summer 2018. For all the housing sites through the year 2026 and for more information, people can visit

Meanwhile, as the temperatures get colder, what about heating?

“The air conditioning projects are also synonymous with heating upgrades,” LBUSD spokesman Chris Eftychiou said through email. “In fact, the jargon term is ‘HVAC,’ which stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. For the most part, classrooms have heaters, but as the HVAC projects are completed, those systems will be upgraded, too.”

Regarding the eight-year goal for all the schools to receive air-conditioning, Eftychiou said, “The eight-year time frame is an estimate that depends upon some variables, including all the necessary approvals from the state.  Plans for such projects, for instance, must be submitted to the Division of the State Architect and can take nine months to a year for approval.”


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