Aunt Jemima

Craig Miller

If it weren’t so obvious that the liberal left is out to destroy the freedoms of our wonderful country, their attack on Aunt Jemima & Uncle Ben would be comical. That is an excellent example as to how warped and extreme the Liberal Left has become.

They won’t stop until they have shaped our nation to match their America-hating model that they have tried to force upon us for years; now they are coming after Mount Rushmore. As was common in the 18th century, many of our forefathers owned slaves; therefore, the liberal left says that they were vile racists and all evidence of them must be expunged from our nation’s history and memory.

The left has forgotten who these men really were. They were the ones who gave us all our freedoms in the form of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Yet the extreme Left wants to destroy these patriots who gave them the freedom to express their maniacal hate speech.

If they don’t like a statue they use the criminal mob mentality to tear it down rather than use the lawful election process. They don’t want an election because they know that they will lose; they place themselves above the law and will shove their hate for our country down our throats like dictators have always done. 

As I watched days of violent demonstrations turn into the criminal destruction of innocent people’s livelihood, I was reminded of the history of Germany in the 1930s. One of Hitler’s organizations was known as the SA. They organized and assembled violent demonstrations, broke out the windows of Jewish businesses … then looted those businesses and then set them afire.

Sound familiar? Read your history and you will realize that if the extremists win, our magnificent country’s freedoms will cease to exist. The lawless and destructive mobs that you saw running through the streets of Long Beach, Los Angeles and other cities or the complete occupation of large sections of Seattle will become the “new normal” and expand across the country  



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