Beach Pollution

Brent Griffin

A grease blockage in a sewage line in Glendale caused the spill of 10,400 gallons of sewage into the L.A. River, but the effect was felt downstream in Long Beach.

I guess we could fine the city of Glendale but it’s really the taxpayers and the public who suffer by our city leader incompetence and failed expertise. Drain the swamp.

And now putting our children and parents at risk. How many times does this have to happen before you all wake up?

1. Why were vacuum trucks not ordered to begin recovery of the raw sewage spill?

2. Why was the L.A. River not dammed or boomed to contain the spill ?

3. Why isn’t the spill treated with a high dosage of chlorine to disinfect spill at source entrance location?

4. Why was dye not added to accurately track the spill and eventual dispersal dilution of the pollution in our waterways ?

5. Why is Long Beach Junior Lifeguards not postponing the event “out of an abundance of caution” and rescheduling the event when we can assure there is no risk in entering the ocean waters.

Suzie’s children participate in these water activities and you would think there with be more concern for the public.

It’s obvious that our government is completely incompetent. We all know the L.A. River dumps hazardous pollution on to all Long Beach – beaches and waterways – yet nothing is done about it. They boom Rainbow Harbor and the Catalina Cruise Terminal to direct the pollution into the harbor because the restaurants and aquarium find it intolerable, yet nothing is done to solve the problem other than redirect.

The Los Angeles River just sits there with no plans to develop a catch basin, treatment plant, or booming/netting to catch simple large solids. Millions of dollars are wasted on the Queen Mary and now plans for a great harbor at the end of a toilet bowl.

I’ll do my best to change our current irresponsible leaders and attempt to get some more responsible knowledgeable folks who are concerned citizens involved instead of burying there heads in our polluted sand.

A few weeks back they held the LB-JG pier jump I walked the beach front from the jetty to the pier and found the beaches to be completely fouled with debris – And This was after Ms. Price called all hands on deck to clean the beach prior to the event – maybe there were just concerned with the hypodermic needles.

It really pretty simple – let’s take care of the simple stuff like clean water and the beach before continued failures on the Olympic Pool,  The Pier, Queen Mary, Los Angeles River, bluff erosion, street sweeping scam and on and on.



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