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The most eventful things for my wife and I last year was going to the grocery store and doctor appointments. So far in 2021, those events reign supreme. We are looking forward to herd immunity and mooing with excitement.

I received my second Moderna vaccination at the VA Medical Center on Tuesday. Just like the first time, on Jan. 26, there was only minor soreness at the injection site the following morning. The process was quick and professional.

Side bets were being taken on whether the VA, MemorialCare or OptumCare Medical Group (my wife’s provider) would call first. With my double medical coverage, the VA called on Jan. 20 and MemorialCare sent an email on Jan. 21, after the VA appointment was already established.

We are still waiting for OptumCare to call or email information on my wife getting her first vaccination. I’ve never been too impressed with this organization, given (1) the egotistical CEO’s propensity to promote himself versus his team members (much like Mayor Robert Garcia), (2) their foot dragging on authorizing payments to my wife’s retina specialist and now, (3) no coronavirus appointments in sight.

Understandably, I’m pissed, given that our mayor and City Council have declared themselves “emergency responders” and jumped ahead of the line to receive the vaccines. As one of our readers recently stated, “43-year-old Mayor Robert Garcia has apparently declared himself an ‘emergency responder’ and received his shot days ago. I suppose we need him healthy in case he has to declare an emergency tax increase.”

Anita will celebrate her 77th birthday on Tuesday (no gifts please – bottles of California wine for me are okay). I expect Bobbie to set up “emergency” appointments for my wife and provide the necessary transportation, since he’s a self-declared “responder.”


Our website poll has been asking “Should LB City Council members be allowed to force grocery stores into $4/hour ‘hero pay’?” So far, “yes” responses are 7%, “no” responses are 91% and 2% are undecided. Apparently, there’s another weird virus going around that affects elected officials, since the county supervisors and a few other cities are also pushing through a $5/hour “hero pay.”

Much like Biden’s push for a $15 minimum wage, these elected clowns will soon learn that the net effect of dictating how much employers must pay employees will result in fewer jobs, more unemployment and business closures.


Funny stuff:

  • I had my patience tested. I’m negative.
  • Age 60 might be the new 40, but 9 p.m. is new midnight.
  • I finally got eight hours of sleep. It took me three days, but I did it.
  • I run like the winded.
  • When someone asks what I did over the weekend, I squint and ask, “Why, what did you hear?”


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