Our page one story about cleaning up the homeless camps next to the 405 Freeway is the tip of the iceberg when you look at the problem. Neighbors near these camps report stolen packages from their front porch, people in their pools, peeping toms looking into their children’s bedrooms, open use of drugs, being harassed for money and much more.

One neighbor, Tim Trezise, was so fed up that he organized local residents to clean up the camps and remove the shrubbery that conceals them. After much prodding he was successful in getting Caltrans, the California Highway Patrol and the City of Long Beach to help clean things up.

At a Wednesday meeting of the Rotary Club of Long Beach, panelists consisting of Duke Givens of One Closet, Robert Propes of the Long Beach Rescue Mission and Paul Duncan, the City of Long Beach Homeless Services Officer, agreed that the problem is getting worse.

The pandemic did not help matters with some people losing their jobs. Most recently the estimate of homeless in Los Angeles County is 66,436, up seven percent from the prior year.

Governor Gavin Newsom is proposing $12 billion for homeless housing, but that sounds like a wasteful approach when you include permanent, manufactured facilities. Many homeless like their tented lifestyle and will refuse assistance. A smarter approach would be to provide dedicated land areas with equal spaces dedicated for tents, portable restrooms, trash bins and picnic tables. This model already exists in some communities.

The Grand Event Center in Long Beach – in conjunction with LA County – is delivering 7,000 meals per day to local homeless facilities. They also hire the homeless for this purpose. When dedicated land areas exist, the homeless will take advantage of a secure site and the prospect of three nutritious meals per day.

As mentioned before, the One Closet organization in Long Beach is taking a rational approach to the problem that addresses the physical and emotional needs of the homeless. They’ve provided 1,189 sleeping bags, 500-plus tents, 1000s of meals and cleaned up 50 tons of trash. Visit their website to learn more, volunteer or donate:

Our most recent website poll asked the question “How much do you trust Long Beach City Hall to tell you the truth? The results were shocking: Always 11%, Sometimes 5%, Half the Time 3%, A Little Bit 14% and Never 68%. They also confirm that the public is not ignorant when it comes to the obfuscation and lack of transparency emanating from the organization.

Our new website poll asks: “Which Long Beach elected official is doing the best job on behalf of residents?” All 13 will be listed. Two weeks from now we’ll poll readers on who is doing the worst job. This should be fun.


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