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The Monday morning email said, “Try 109 AI – Unleash the Power of AI.”


I was curious about all the hype and how artificial intelligence was going to steal jobs from members of the Writers Guild of America, who are currently on strike for better wages, benefits and protections from AI technology.

Could AI replace Beachcomber writers and interns? I typed in a few key words and here’s what came out in a matter of seconds with the title of “Embracing the Robotic Intern: Enhancing Journalism in Long Beach.”

“In the ever-evolving landscape of journalism, the demand for innovation and efficiency is paramount. As technology continues to reshape the way news is reported, the emergence of robotic interns has garnered attention within the industry. With a focus on local news and the Beachcomber in Long Beach, this article examines the potential benefits and challenges associated with utilizing robotic interns in the field of journalism.

“Long Beach, vibrant and thriving, is a city that constantly buzzes with news and events. As the Beachcomber, a reputable local news publication, seeks to stay at the forefront of reporting, the integration of robotic interns as a supplementary tool has been considered.

“Robotic interns are powered by advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. Their efficiency in data gathering, analysis, and reporting can assist journalists in covering more stories, uncovering insights, and delivering information to readers in real-time. With access to vast databases and the ability to process information swiftly, robotic interns can provide journalists with additional resources to enhance their reporting capabilities.

“The integration of robotic interns in the newsroom allows journalists to allocate more time to in-depth interviews, investigative reporting, and community engagement. By delegating repetitive tasks to robotic interns, journalists can focus on producing articles that capture the nuances of local stories. This improved efficiency can ultimately enhance the quality and diversity of news offered by the Beachcomber.

“While robotic interns bring undeniable advantages, it is crucial to maintain a balance between computer-generated writing and the personal touch of a human journalist. Readers value authentic storytelling and the emotional connection created through personal experiences. Journalists, with their unique perspectives and ability to empathize, are integral in delivering stories that resonate with the community. A symbiotic relationship between robotic interns and human journalists must be cultivated to ensure the preservation of local storytelling.

“Implementing robotic interns into a newsroom entails adapting to new technologies, redefining workflows, and addressing potential concerns. Journalists and management should collaboratively define the roles of robotic interns and establish clear guidelines to maintain journalistic integrity and ensure ethical reporting. Additionally, investment in training programs for journalists to harness the potentials of robotic interns can contribute to a seamless integration.

“Embracing the presence of robotic interns can be a forward-thinking approach to journalism. By leveraging their efficiency, journalists at the Beachcomber in Long Beach have an opportunity to enhance local news coverage. As robotics and artificial intelligence continue to shape the future, striking a balance between computer-generated efficiency and personal storytelling will be the key to success in the evolving landscape of journalism.”


I was impressed that AI could do this so quickly and produce a Beachcombing column for me in record time.

Last semester a CSULB public relations student volunteered to write a story for us on the advantages of sports in student life. I was open to the idea, but the first draft lacked any quotes from campus sources or statistics on how many students were enrolled in sports-related programs. Was I being used as a guinea pig in a class assignment on artificial intelligence or was this simply an exercise in pitching a story to an editor?

Further testing on the use of AI at the Beachcomber is needed, so next time more thought will be given to a complicated topic on local news and see what happens. Stay tuned.


Quotable – Clarence Darrow, an attorney and a leading member of the American Civil Liberties Union from the early 20th century said, “When I was a boy, I was told that anybody could become president; I’m beginning to believe it.”


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