Jay Beeler

Eureka! The website is done.

Without getting into details, it took longer than expected to get online last Saturday. Now we can post news stories more frequently and breaking news alerts as appropriate.

Concurrently we welcome regular columns from a name familiar to many of you. Gerrie Schipske will be writing “That’s the Way It Was,” a series of Long Beach history articles, beginning with “She Kept the Lights On in Long Beach.” It’s about the first utility in the city, owned and operated by Iva Tutt.

Also submitting regular columns will be John Thomas, a Belmont Shore resident who will be doing movie reviews. John recently traveled to the Venice Film Festival (the one in Italy versus West LA) representing the Beachcomber and uses “Notes from Johan” for documentation purposes. First submissions include “La La Land” and “The Eagle Huntress.”

The website will include several columns that may not appear in the print version of the Beachcomber. For example, Al Jacobs submits a weekly column but our print edition is bi-weekly. So you can catch these bonus items anytime at Many times we do not have sufficient space in our print edition for intern stories and those from other sources.

Other features included with the new website are photo slideshows, YouTube videos, Long Beach weather info, frequent polls on local topics, reader feedback on feature stories and letters to the editor, a “What’s Happening” calendar of upcoming events, downloadable PDF files and access to digital versions of the newspaper since January 2014.

Of special benefit to our advertisers we now have banner and box ads online that – when clicked – take visitors to the advertiser’s website. This feature will more than double the visibility of ads that appear in the print edition.

Our first online poll asks the question “What percentage of your Christmas shopping has been online?” You can view responses online and make comments as well.


Speaking of Christmas shopping, we used Amazon and other online retailers more than 75 percent of the time this year with a steady stream of boxes coming to the door. Several items purchased online last Saturday arrived on Sunday and Monday morning, via the US Postal Service.

Some items were purchased at Target and Staples, but the Lakewood Shopping Center did not see the whites of our eyes. In years past it was always a hassle to find a parking space and navigate through Macys. No more.

Another trend is that – when you reach these golden years – you really don’t have any “needs” that would fit under a Christmas tree. Benefitting from this trend is the grandchildren, who burn through clothing and other material things as they get older.

Special thanks to our readers who sent Christmas greetings to their Beachcomber carrier. When sent to our post office box, we check the sender’s address with our carrier routes and forward on your greetings. I know that the carriers really appreciate these “bonuses” and make a special attempt throughout the year to make sure that contributors get a dry paper that’s closer to your front door.


These days I have several dozen user names and passwords, making it impossible to remember them all. So I changed the password to “incorrect.” Whenever I forget it, the computer will say, “Your password is incorrect.”



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