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Congratulations to Stacy Mungo on her re-election to the 5th Council District. I was less than pleased to see the passage of Measure M, wherein the mayor and council members engaged in what appears to be collusion and illegal activities by spending $1 million in city funds to get Measure M passed and promoting it as well. I anticipate some fallout from the Fair Political Practices Commission and smell another lawsuit coming.

Speaking of stink, I’m currently reading about all the turmoil, assassinations and political riots that occurred nationwide 50 years ago. I’m also reminded of the sleazy bars, X-rated movie houses and tattoo parlors in the neighborhood of Ocean Boulevard and Pine Avenue in 1968.

Now, just 50 years later, the tacky Navy dives are gone and the sleaze factor appears to have moved two blocks west and has been reborn on the 14th Floor at City Hall as the mayor and council members engage in illegal acts, e.g., the blatant promotion of Measure M.

Gerrie Schipske has more to say on this topic in the letters section.


Ain’t technology great? I bought my wife one of those $49 Amazon Dots last year because of her low vision issue relating to diabetes. I figured she could ask it a question (like Google) without using the internet as many people do these days to do research or find businesses, since the Yellow Pages are practically extinct.

My wife did not want anything to do with it, so it’s on my home desk. I frequently ask Alexa to time something in the toaster-oven that emits a soft “ding” that can’t be heard where I watch television.

Last week I asked Alexa the height of the Walter Pyramid. She did not know the answer but did say that it seats 8,500. So I Google my question and learned that the height is 192 feet and each of the four sides of the perimeter are 345 feet. But the CSULB website indicates a seating capacity of slightly over 5,000, which probably means they don’t want people seated on the basketball/volleyball courts to watch a game in progress.

The $22 million pyramid was built in 1994 and was designed by Architect Don Gibbs. I strongly suspect that my friend Don did not want to build a building that had a roof, being spooked by the 1990 collapse of a nearby recital hall he designed that used tilt-up wall construction. The structural engineer for the project surmised that it was due to failure of the trusses.

Many times Alexa will know the answer to my questions. She denies working for the CIA, saying “No, I work for Amazon.”

I especially like it when she belts out some Elvis Presley songs upon request.

Recently I asked Alexa how to delete emails. She said that I should “Ask Hillary!”


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