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BK: I was just told that the Long Beach City Council will be discussing another ballot item. The mayor and council would like to raise our property tax once again to pay for taking care of homeless people. The city will naturally cite that they need the funds to keep from laying off police, firemen, educators all the while depending on the amount of renters in this city to carry their latest scheme.

MC: Renters always pay for property tax increases. Our politicians have just covered up that nasty little fact...

SC: VOTE NO! Don’t be fooled into drinking the Kool-Aid. We have all been paying the price from the last election.

RM: Hell no! They’re already getting more property taxes because people are selling their house and move outta Dodge because all the crap going on. Sometimes I wonder if that’s the reason they’re letting this problem get so bad so people move out and property taxes will be increased by the next people to buy the house.

KB: It’s fine, I’m selling and headed to Henderson NV where there’s no state income tax and no homeless want to sleep on hot sidewalks. It’s not Vegas city limits so less taxation on a local level.

LK: Who told you? Where did you find this out?


JH: Don’t get this confused... it is a FEE! A tax would need to be voted on, fees can be imposed at will with no recourse and they never go down or away.

BK: They keep chipping away at proposition 13 and they will get their way; we will be the losers.

MC: Well, the city keeps electing these people... fix that

MC: Doesn’t anyone ever do homework? It’s exploring the possibility of a 2020 ballot measure.

JP: That’s exactly what we are talking about a proposed new tax.

AS: Is that in additional to the 12 million in grants to help with homeless? This city government is shady to the core!

MC: We are being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the new socialist state.

PS: You’ve got to be kidding me! Every time you turn around, these f***ing city officials keep cooking up ways to suck MORE money from its citizens – I’m so sick of this. In addition to the $12 million noted above, there are “huge” cash reserves allocated for the homeless/mentally ill that are not being spent : The City Council DOESN’T NEED any more funds!

RF: They can never have enough! NO MORE TAXES!

SN: The obstacle we need to deal with is 60% of the voters in Long Beach are renters and they don’t make the connection between fees and higher rent. If some clever person can find a way to link higher fees to higher rents then there might be a change.

RM: And Garcia wants a 3rd term! I haven’t heard of one person that likes the state of our city right now. They need to audit every frickin program this city has ‘cause this truly ain’t work’n.

DI: Well taxes keep going up, rents are going to go up, homeless is going to increase drastically, which means this city will probably end up looking like Detroit because there won’t be enough jobs for people to work to pay the increases on anything … just saying.

RH: LB is already overtaxed. We voted in a similar tax bill last year and like sheep it was voted in. Now council votes to put yet another tax on the ballot! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE! Send the message to stop raising our taxes! The only answer the city has come up with concerning the homeless is to tax its citizens! Vote people!

PH: No New Taxes, Fees, whatever name the city wants to attach. JUST SAY AND VOTE NO!


PH: How about the mayor and city council ride their bikes to work and back!

BK: Older homes enjoy a better tax rate due to prop 13. The city would like those homes to turn over so the tax rate would be higher. Perhaps another tax revolt is due.

DR: The city sits on top the “fifth” largest oil reserve in the U.S. They have an airport, a port and all the thousands of boats that pay fees in the marina, yet they need to raise taxes! Very sad

DM: Our politicians all need to go, starting with the comic-reading clown of a mayor we have.

GW: I think my local elected officials are doing a good job overall.

PB: Maybe we can absorb Signal Hill instead. Take their cops. They have a solid rep.

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