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Contrary to a widespread adage, there is such a thing as a free lunch. It’s available to anyone in Long Beach who owns their own business or is in a decision-making position (aka “buyer’) at a larger organization.

This offer is extended by the Executives Association of Long Beach (EALB) in a continuing effort to attract quality members into its ranks. Most business networking organizations can expect to lose about 10 percent of its members each year due to businesses/families that move or employees who retire or move on to eternal slumber. Some of our members drop out because they get too much business from our referrals.

EALB has 140 open classifications like electrician, painter, business attorney, architect, physician and a wide variety of retail businesses and restaurants.

Why should you consider joining? I’ll tell you:

50-plus current members who serve as your sales team, referring new business to you from their friends, family and clients

Quarterly dues of $365 yields new business for most members 10-50 times that amount – and it includes a free lunch every Monday at The Grand

A minimum attendance requirement of 50 percent means that you regularly remind other members of your services and its value to them.

I joined the EALB in 1984 at the invitation of Executive Director Phil Lockwood. Through those connections it has yielded anywhere from $50-75,000 annually in sales. That’s an impressive return on a small, three percent annual expense. Did I mention it includes a free lunch?

Want to learn more? Go to Under the “membership” tab, click on the line “Is your classification open?” and scroll through the list.

If you find that your classification is open and:

You own your business or are in a decision-making (buyer) position at your company

You have at least two years experience in your classification

You can attend at least 50 percent of our Monday noon meetings

You recognize that networking takes time to build acceptance and trust among fellow members

You’d like to be part of an established networking organization that has been around since 1922, then...
Give me a call at (562) 597-9000. I’ll answer any questions you may have and invite you to attend an upcoming luncheon meeting at no cost or obligation.


On a related topic, in our next issue of the Beachcomber we will publish the winners in our 18th annual Best of Long Beach contest. What we have learned over counting hundreds of ballots is that the winners tend to garner more votes from their involvement with networking groups (like EALB), a service club, their church or some other social activity.

The key to the success of this contest is our sponsors, who annually contribute $7,500 to $10,000 in gift certificates or gift cards with a minimum $25 value. In April and September we will draw from qualifying ballots the prize winners. Thank you to our sponsors. And thank you to our readers for your continuing participation.


Humor time. A reader sent us the following tidbit, which did not come up as false after internet research:

In 2017 a retired man robbed a bank and waited for the police to arrest him, stating that he’d rather be in jail than at home with his wife.

The judge sentenced him to six months of house arrest.


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