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If you’d like to get a sense of what’s happening in Long Beach politics, go to and enjoy the reads, like this one:

Councilmember Rex Richardson (Council District 9) and Senator Lena Gonzalez (formerly Council District 1) have blocked me from their official Twitter account in violation of the 1st amendment. A couple of years ago a federal court ruled against President Trump when he was doing precisely this. I have to wonder where they learned this habit. — Carlos S. Ovalle 

[Editor's Note: In our Aug. 16 print edition Carlos was identified as a candidate for the 8th Council District seat. Juan Ovalle, his brother, is the candidate. Our apologies for the error.] 

“Give ‘em hell, Harry!” Truman replied, “I don’t give them hell. I just tell the truth about them, and they think it’s hell.” — Linda Diamond

I’ve been blocked on twitter by Mayor Garcia, Lena Gonzales, Jeannine Pearce and currently by Councilmember Austin. The first three for publicly disagreeing with allowing council members to transfer their officeholder account monies around (mayor blocked me for that until LBReport wrote about it), by Gonzales for publicly questioning spending tax monies for a street party and no idea why on the other two. Must have disagreed with them on something. First three unblocked me eventually or deleted their account and started new ones. — Glennis Dolce

Timely topic. Assemblyman Dov Hikind filed a relatively recent lawsuit against Ocasia-Cortez for blocking him. Perhaps local lawsuits are necessary to send a message. The court precedent in the lawsuit against Trump supports plaintiffs. — Katherine Kelton

You know, I like everyone involved, but we have to keep calling out this undemocratic way of doing business if that is what is happening. Our democracy is No. 1. — Laura Spino

I often notice Facebook and Nextdoor posts from City of LB and from various politicians where commenting has been disabled. — Chris Dierl

Uranga tried that with me but he quickly stopped when I sent him case law. HPD Ordered to Pay $31K over Censored Facebook Comments > Hawaii Free Press: — Cody Pierce

Suzie Price recently removed one of my posts on her official page. All it was a link to the commentary on the new Civic Center. I don’t get why these politicians are so thin skinned. It’s all part of the game. — Zach Purnell

The constitutionality of the action of deleting and removing citizen comments is at best in question here. Shows they can’t take anything but praise, a good politician wants to know the pulse of their constituency, not block it. States volumes about their character and ability to do their jobs as representatives of the people in Long Beach. We should all confront them about this and vote accordingly! You would think they would learn from Garcia doing the same thing (deleting citizen comments) but apparently not! — Juli JeanLike

I would rephrase that statement from “ability to do their jobs as representatives of the people of LB” to “willingness to do their jobs...” — Glennis Dolce


In June we published an item that first appeared in Nextdoor regarding the homeless problem. The writer, Christine Barry, offered a phone number and name of the quality of life officer, Rich Armond, who could assist residents in resolving issues with the homeless. Ms. Barry called our office, indignant that we would reprint her information in our letters sections.

Whether you express your opinion by letter, online or via email, it is in the public domain and subject to reprinting – especially if we deem it of value to our readers. The internet has become a treasure trove of information that we will use as a resource if we believe the content is accurate and will benefit others. So be careful what you say in the social media if you prefer to keep your thoughts private.

Here’s its definition: “Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”



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