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On Wednesday we attended the “2019 State of the County” address by 4th District County Supervisor Janice Hahn at the Westin Long Beach. The event is sponsored annually by the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce (LBACC). She talked about jobs creation, the future of our economy, the homeless crisis, innovative solutions, cleaner water, transportation projects and healthcare issues.

“The state of L.A. County is strong,” she said, noting that the supervisors recently passed a $36.1 billion balanced budget to address road repairs, affordable housing, mental health teams and a modernized voting system that’s coming in March.

Hahn led a team to Wall Street in May – while she was chair of the supervisors – to send the message that L.A. County has a strong and growing economy. This resulted in Standard and Poor’s giving the county its highest possible rating: AAA.

“Homelessness is the biggest challenge we face,” Hahn said, “but it takes years and years to create affordable housing and we can’t wait that long.” Instead the county is fast-tracking programs to create shelters and interim housing as well as obtaining master lease agreements with motels.

Hahn said that last year the county was placing 133 homeless persons per day into housing while another 150 became homeless. “In 2018 a total of 1,047 homeless died on our streets,” she reported.

Thanks in part to a $15,000 donation from the LBACC in 2018, LA Found was created to place 437 traceable bracelets on persons suffering from Alzheimer’s, autism and dementia. Of those, 21 persons went missing and all were found and returned safely to their home. This year the chamber presented Hahn with a check for $30,000 to pay for 100 more bracelets.

When Hahn began her speech, she mentioned that LBACC President Randy Gordon was told “no” five times when she was asked to provide the annual state of the county address. That got me to wondering if the bigger LA Found donation is what it took to get her participation.

In the business community that’s called “horse trading.” In Washington, DC, they call it “quid pro quo.” Perhaps we should ask congress to investigate this possible “scandal” that’s been going on for many centuries by millions of businesses each and every day.

Or maybe I should submit my “horse trading” defense to President Trump.


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A reader recently shared the following piece of wisdom:

I don’t understand what the big deal is....

  • If you are Jewish, tell me: “Happy Hanukkah”
  • If you are Christian, tell me: “Merry Christmas”
  • If you are African American, tell me: “Joyous Kwanzaa”
  • If you don’t prefer those, tell me: “Happy Holidays”

I will not be offended. I will be thankful that you took the time to say something nice to me


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