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We were pleased to see Measure A failing in the March 3 primary election. As of yesterday, March 12, it was losing by 469 votes.

  • YES: 49.68% or 36,018 votes
  • NO: 50.32% or 36,487 votes

Measure A was touted by City Hall to “To maintain 911 emergency response services, police, fire, parks, libraries, repair streets, and support general services, shall an ordinance be adopted extending the City of Long Beach’s Transactions and Use Tax beyond 2027, generating approximately $60 million annually, at a 1% rate until December 31, 2022, at ¾% until September 30, 2027, and at 1% from October 1, 2027 until ended by voters.”

City Hall continuously lies, distorts and stonewalls the truth, as we have reported on these pages many times in the past. Drive the streets of Long Beach to see that the infrastructure repairs to potholes and street surfaces previously approved by voters are being ignored by the free-spending, drunken sailors who work there.

My personal test of street repairs is Freeman Avenue, just south of Anaheim Street, that’s like a 19th century cobblestone road. Instead of fixing this, the money is being spent on disasters like the Broadway road diet, roundabouts and profligate city employee salaries and benefits in the $200,000 and $300,000 Clubs.

Measure B did pass, but that tax will be paid by hotel and motel guests “To provide funding for student arts education programs, community arts, music, cultural programs and organizations, local museums and theaters, and the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, and maintain other general fund programs.The measure will increase Long Beach’s general transient occupancy (hotel bed) tax rate from 6% to 7%, generate approximately $2.8 million annually, until ended by voters, require audits and have local control of funds.”

  • YES: 58.11% or 42,321 votes
  • NO: 41.89% or 30,508 votes

It was reported that the “Yes on A & B, Mayor Garcia Committee to Protect Police and Fire and Repair Infrastructure in Long Beach” spent $382,413 to get these measures approved, which amounted to a blank check for the General Fund with no commitments to spend the money as promised. Garcia has never met a tax that he did not like.

Another contest that we followed closely was in the 2nd District. This was a David vs. Goliath match with Robert Fox (as David) and carpetbagger (read that “non-resident”) Cindy Allen supported by City Hall to guarantee that Mayor Garcia would get sufficient council votes on anything and everything he favored.

  • ROBERT FOX: 27.90% or 2,124 votes
  • CINDY ALLEN: 27.44% or 2,089 votes
  • EDUARDO LARA: 18.97% or 1,444 votes
  • JEANETTE BARRERA: 18.61% or 1,417 votes
  • RYAN LUM: 2.43% or 185 votes
  • JESUS CISNEROS: 2.35% or 179 votes
  • NIGEL LIFSEY: 2.31% or 176 votes

Fox and Allen will be in the fall election and we encourage voters to support Fox as well as those candidates who do not represent the status quo at City Hall and can say “NO”! Other race tallies include:

Member of the City Council, 6th District

  • SUELY SARO: 44.05% or 1,896 votes
  • DEE ANDREWS: 29.79% or 1,282 votes
  • ANA ARCE: 18.10% or 779 votes
  • JOSEPHINE “JOSIE” VILLASEÑOR: 3.60% or 155 votes
  • CRAIG URSUY: 2.67% or 115 votes
  • SHARIFAH HARDIE: 1.79% or 77 votes

Member of the City Council, 8th District

  • TUNUA THRASH-NTUK: 36.63% or 2,615 votes
  • AL AUSTIN II: 33.51% or 2,392 votes
  • JUAN ERICK OVALLE: 29.85% or 2,131 votes

In all three City Council races the top two finishers will compete again on November 3.


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