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EMERY RETIREMENT – Dentists Alyson and Doug Emery have teamed up with a new dentist at their 3840 Woodruff Avenue practice. Ahmad Karimi, DDS, will work with the Emerys and staff as they transition to full retirement in May 2021. Emery & Emery General Dentistry has consistently placed in the gold category of our annual Best of Long Beach contest.

RIOTERS – Judge Gray’s request to the community: “Due to COVID-19 we are asking rioters to work at home and destroy their own stuff!” [Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) 2012 Libertarian candidate for vice president and former 2020 candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for president.]

FOOTBALL – The inaugural game at the new Inglewood stadium two Sundays ago between the Rams and Cowboys started off with a dozen Rams players kneeling during the National Anthem. CLICK. That will be the message I’ll be sending to any sports team that disrespects America, its flag and the National Anthem by allowing players to kneel. Other viewers are tuning out, the ratings are sharply falling, advertising revenues are decreasing and soon the overpaid, scumbag traitors will be out of work.

Ditto that for entertainers. We watch television to be entertained and to detach from life’s downers. When they use their fame and fortune during prime time for political messages, I predict that the audience will depart in droves.

RETAIL MADNESS – Our gazebo hammock died last week after several seasons of outdoor exposure. Off we went to Lowes, known for carrying a large selection of outdoor furniture. Despite outdoor temperatures in the 90s and Christmas being 14 weeks away, the summer stock was gone with Halloween and Christmas décor galore in its place. What are these clowns thinking? Didn’t they hear me CLICK online and purchase through Amazon, which is why Amazon’s sales are at $350 billion versus Lowe’s $72.1 billion. Even Home Depot is smart enough to concentrate on Halloween items six weeks in advance, thereby outpacing their competitor with $110.2 billion in annual revenue.

The grocery stores are offering mountains of Halloween candy in advance of what I see as a disaster in the making with parents keeping their children at home during a pandemic. Ditto that for the costume store next to Trader Joe’s. Giant markdowns are ahead.

ZOOMING – A recent survey of service club members indicates at strong desire to get back together in an environment that observes social distancing. As the current president of the Executives Association of Long Beach networking group, I hear the same voices while being concerned about the health, safety and liability aspects. Our International Executives Association reports similar needs and concerns.

Starting Oct. 5, we’ll begin a hybrid approach by meeting Monday noon at The Grand with a maximum number of attendees who RSVP while offering the Zoom option for those who prefer to wait for the vaccine or simply avoid the drive. Our group has openings for a painter, handyman and a variety of other classifications listed on page 9 of this edition or visit or call (562) 881-4126 for more details.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME – This annual event is next Wednesday. Don’t fret over what to get; a bottle of wine will do – in exchange for a free, annual digital link to this newspaper. We’ll consume your gift in the gazebo while lounging on the new Amazon hammock, wearing a heavily discounted, Clark Kent/Superman costume and watching only collegiate football on the outside TV.


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