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Hallelujah. The election is over, people may once again start acting civil toward one another and our televisions can be unmuted now that the constant political ads have stopped. According to the county registrar, here are a few local totals as of yesterday:

Long Beach City Council, 2nd District
CINDY ALLEN (N) 8,866, 54.22%
ROBERT FOX (N) 7,486, 45.78%

Long Beach City Council, 6th District
SUELY SARO (N) 5,637, 59.13%
DEE ANDREWS (N) 3,897, 40.87%

Long Beach City Council, 8th District
AL AUSTIN II (N) 8,207, 57.02%
TUNUA THRASH-NTUK (N) 6,187, 42.98%

LBCC Board of Trustees, Area No. 4
HERLINDA CHICO (N) 16,414, 41.55%
RICHARD “DICK” GAYLORD (N) 15,595, 39.48%
LEE LOVERIDGE (N) 7,496, 18.97%

LBUSD Governing Board Member, District 2
ERIK MILLER (N),11,437, 51.73%
TONIA REYES URANGA (N), 10,674, 48.27%

California Assembly 70th District
PATRICK O’DONNELL (D) 112,789, 71.79%
DAVID W. THOMAS (R) 44,330, 28.21%

United States Representative, 47th District
ALAN LOWENTHAL (D) 102,392, 71.64%
JOHN BRISCOE (R) 40,532, 28.36%


Thank you to those who participated in our “Safer at Home Halloween House Decoration Contest 2020.” Winners of $100 cash are Jeff and Ann Haberman at 3343 Chatwin Ave. They have photos and videos of their display on a webpage:

The Beachcomber featured the Haberman’s 2019 Christmas display on the front page of our Dec. 20 edition and our Oct. 23 edition in photos taken by Diana Lejins. Rumor has it they will have another Christmas display this year.

Another impressive Halloween display was at the home of Robert, Kathie and Xander Duck at 5426 E. Fairbrook St. As part of their effort, food donations for the Long Beach Rescue Mission are accepted in bins on the driveway, which will still be available into November. “It’s been a fun treat and we’ve gotten to know so many new neighbors,” said Robert.

Impressed with their efforts, we added two $25 gift cards for the Duck family as part of our contest awards program.

Thanks also to Rev. Tony Bell in West Long Beach for conducting a similar contest and allowing us to borrow his idea and artwork to promote an East Long Beach version. We plan to collaborate with Tony this year on a Christmas contest, with details posted in our Nov. 20 edition.


Funny stuff: A woman was trying hard to get the ketchup out of the jar. During her struggle the phone rang so she asked her 4-year-old daughter to answer the phone. “Mommy can’t come to the phone to talk to you right now. She’s hitting the bottle.”


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