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There’s nothing like a good scandal to get the public’s attention. The Jeannine Pearce incident has brought out the dishonesty being perpetrated by Long Beach city leaders and the Long Beach Police Department. When they use the words “transparency in government,” you know that they are crossing their fingers behind their backs. The words “honesty and integrity” are foreign words as they constantly try to cover their asses for fear of being sued or lose their overblown salaries.

Kudos to our columnist, Stephen Downing, for staying on top of this scandal while demonstrating that both elected officials and senior management are ethically bankrupt. I personally requested a copy of the Devin Cotter booking photo, knowing it would tell us the truth behind the scandal by showing that Pearce assaulted her former chief of staff. By failing to release that photo to the Beachcomber, city leaders have demonstrated that they are hiding something as well as violating the Public Records Act.

Last week The Committee to Recall Councilmember Jeannine Pearce was formed, stating “There exists no viable, honest accounting of her conduct and relationship with … Cotter, which would avoid shattering the public trust with which she has been vested. It is essential for an elected official to maintain the basic faith and confidence of her constituents in order to perform her duties as public trustee and as the district community’s leader, reputation representative and role model to its youth.”

The committee has accused Pearce of “physical assault and domestic violence” as well as sexual harassment. City leaders were cited for “conspiracy to commit fraud for purposes of a cover-up” as well as “improper special treatment by law enforcement.”

Spearheading the committee are a group of “longtime, passionate 2nd District activists,” including Chuck Barrick, Jonathan Crouch, Lauren Boland and Gary Harrison, who said “Her personal business is her personal business. But preferential treatment for herself and for the former staff member with whom she was having an affair is not acceptable. We are paying our council persons to, before all else, respect the laws which they themselves help enact. And no official should allow his or her personal chaos to dishonor the city and disrupt the people’s business in city hall offices.”

The committee’s press release stated that their purpose is “first and foremost, to convince Councilmember Pearce to do the right and honorable thing for the 2nd District community and the City of Long Beach and simply to resign. Given that she is clearly unable to explain her behavior, we hope that she will look within and see the futility of continuing the charade.”

You can see the committee’s entire press release online at by scrolling down in the news section.

Also online you will find numerous comments about our reporting on Councilwoman Pearce. In the opinion section, see reader responses to Stephen Downing’s most recent column entitled “Has the Pearce Cover-up Been Put to Rest?”


We have been conducting an online poll asking the question “Should elected officials receive special treatment when they break the law.” Out of 106 total votes, 84 percent said “no” and 16 percent said “yes.”

There’s a new online poll asking readers if Jeannine Pearce should be recalled. So far, it’s apparent that someone is very busy stuffing the ballot box, so only you can fix that problem by voting today.

Polling and research are essential components of marketing and public relations. The Beachcomber has been conducting annual polls as part of our “Best of Long Beach” contest and the results of our 16th annual polling will be announced in our Sept. 15 edition.

Special thanks to everyone who took the time to express their opinions as to which businesses are “the best” and thanks also to the two dozen firms providing us with nearly $10,000 in gift certificates that are awarded to contest participants.


My friend Donna shared another one of her witticisms recently:

HELP REQUESTED: A friend of mine has two tickets to the 2018 Super Bowl. They are box seats and the package includes airfare and hotel accommodations. He didn’t realize when he bought the tickets that the game was on the same day as his wedding, so he can’t go. If you’re interested and want to go instead of him, it’s at St. Peter’s Church in New York City at 5 p.m. Her name is Betty. She will be the one in the white dress.



Absolutely Pathetic. If Jeannine Pearce and her followers feel the need to stuff the ballot box, then they clearly are feeling the pressure. The recall movement is just getting started and they are already resorting to dirty, underhanded tactics. Precisely underscores the need for the recall and why she should not be in office.

I got a robo call today promoting Jeannine Pearce. Also I had been sending her emails about issues with violence and noise on my street. Her staffers didn't respond to me. She doesn't care about Long Beach. She cares about using it as a stepping pad to her other political career. Carpetbagger from Los Angeles. I'd like to stop her here.

I just want a decent local who actually cares about local stuff. And is not so controversial. Why do all these career politicians who are so weird, scandalous and creepy. Like she was physically abusing a guy? This guy she was in a relationship with supposedly had a black eye? Like who are these people? I'm not saying I want a saint I just want a decent person to rep me.

There are rumors regarding certain controlled substance being used at city hall by two people involved in this case.

Is this true and is this part of the coverup?

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