Best of Long Beach Prize Winners

Please patronize the following sponsors of our 19th annual contest:

Aquarium of the Pacific, Two Admission Tickets: David Alpern, Doug Fleischer

Belmont Athletic Club, $25 Gift Certificate: Kimberly Frederick, Brian Hannon, Karen Larson, Maureen Manlove

Belmont Pets & LaunderPet, $25 Gift Certificate: Linda Bredenkamp, Edwina Cota

Buonos Pizza, $25 Gift Certificate: Rich Koskela, Marion Bosworth, Jill Ovard, Alyson Zahn

Emery & Emery DDS, $25 Gift Certificate: Kathleen Steube, Vanessa Cota, Michael Nixon, Destiny Garcia

Harbor Breeze Cruises: 2 Whale Watch Tickets: Micaela Reyes, Marilyn Manley

Hof’s Hut, $25 Gift Card: Megan Bigos, Kimberly Toscovio, Karen Laurence, Michael Miller

Home Instead, $25 Gift Card: Dan Smith, David Mounce, Jeff Cozart, Thad Heggeness

International City Theatre, $25 Gift Certificate: Richard Daskam, Karen McCorkle, Evin Schrock, Jean Law

J&L Jewelers, $25 Gift Certificate: Molly Mahoney, Gayle Merrill, Dean Edgerton, Teresa Smith

LBCC Senior Studies: Free $45 Class: T.G. Baugh, Kohlman Kimble, Amy Nicholas, Gloria Berg

Long Beach Playhouse: Two Admission Tickets: Terri Thompson, Janis Kranz, Jacki Stanfield, Berniece Beisch

TLD Law, Jennifer Sawday, $25 Gift Card: Bryant Manley, Jake Jeffery, Christine Brown, Kathryn Lowell

Tom’s Automotive, $25 Gift Certificate: Marie Benson, Marcia Norns, Nancy Bower, Linnae Keliiholoken

Wags to Whiskers, $25 Gift Certificate: John Zahn, Susan Quint

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to our sponsors. If you cannot use your prize, please re-gift it to a friend or relative. Or you can return it to the Beachcomber offices and we will pass it along to a staff member. Prizes will be mailed on or before July 8th. If not received after one week, please let us know at (562) 597-8000.


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