Best of Long Beach Winners

THE BALLOTS ARE IN and the results of our 18th annual contest featuring the best in dining, entertainment and retail businesses. Again this year the contest is in two parts with the next part in early 2020 devoted to medical and other professional services. Readers whose names are drawn to receive prizes from contest sponsors are listed in the "sections" tab. Special thanks to the sponsors for making this contest possible. Winning businesses that missed our deadline for “thank you” ads still have time to do so in our next issues; call (562) 597-8000 for details.

Best American Restaurant: (Gold) Hof’s Hut [9-time winner]

Best Bagels: (Gold) Einstein’s [12-time winner]; Silver) Grounds Bakery Cafe [12-time winner]

Best Bakery: (Gold) Katella Deli [7-time winner]; Rossmoor Pastries [9-time winner]

Best Banquet Facility: (Gold) The Grand [9-time winner]

Best Barbecue Restaurant: (Gold) Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ [15-time winner]; (Silver) Naples Rib Company [10-time winner]

Best Breakfast: (Gold) Hof’s Hut [15-time winner]; (Silver) Potholder [8-time winner]

Best Brunch: (Gold) Schooner or Later [7-time winner]

Best Buffet: (Gold) Hokkaido Seafood Buffet [7-time winner], HomeTown Buffet [2-time winner]

Best Caterer: (Gold) TGIS Catering [5-time winner], Ma & Pa’s Grocery [8-time winner]

Best Chinese Restaurant: (Gold) Fortune Cookies [7-time winner]

Best Coffee: (Gold) Starbucks Coffee [11-time winner]

Best Deli: (Gold) Katella Deli [7-time winner]; (Silver) Deli News [4-time winner]

Best Dessert: (Gold) Hof’s Hut [16-time winner]

Best Donuts: (Gold) Simone Donuts [13-time winner]; (Silver) Yum Yum, Krispy Kreme [14-time winner]

Best Family Restaurant: (Gold) Hof’s Hut [8-time winner]

Best Fine Dining: (Gold) 555 Restaurant [11-time winner]

Best French Restaurant: (Gold) La Creperie [11-time winner]

Best Greek Restaurant: (Gold) George’s Greek Café [7-time winner]

Best Hamburger: (Gold) In-N-Out Burger [18-time winner]

Best Happy Hour: (Gold) On The Rocks

Best Hot Dogs: (Gold) Costco Wholesale [7-time winner]

Best Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt: (Gold) Yogurtland [11-time winner]; (Silver) Long Beach Creamery

Best Italian Restaurant: (Gold) Domenicos [11-time winner]; (Silver) Marri’s Pizza Inc [3-time winner], Olive Garden Restaurant [2-time winner]

Best Mexican Restaurant: (Gold) Panchos Mexican Restaurant [16-time winner]

Best Middle Eastern Restaurant: (Gold) Open Sesame [13-time winner]

Best Outdoor Dining: (Gold) Schooner or Later [12-time winner]; (Silver) Shenandoah Café [3-time winner]

Best Pizza: (Gold) Domenicos [11-time winner]

Best Sandwiches: (Gold) Togos [5-time winner]; (Silver) Grounds Bakery Cafe [9-time winner]

Best Seafood Restaurant: (Gold) Fish Company [5-time winner]; (Silver) King’s Fish House [2-time winner]

Best Steakhouse: (Gold) 555 Restaurant [11-time winner]

Best Sushi/Japanese Restaurant: (Gold) Sushi on Fire [2-time winner], Awesome Sushi [6-time winner]

Best Thai Restaurant: (Gold) Panvimarn Thai Cuisine [9-time winner]

Best Vegetarian Restaurant: (Gold) Veggie Grill [7-time winner]

Best Boat Cruise: (Gold) Catalina Express [7-time winner], Harbor Breeze [6-time winner]

Best Family Attraction: (Gold) Aquarium of the Pacific [7-time winner]

Best Live Music: (Gold) Long Beach Municipal Band [7-time winner], Gaslamp Restaurant

Best Live Theater: (Gold) Long Beach Playhouse [18-time winner], Musical Theatre West [7-time winner]

Best Local Casino: (Gold) Hawaiian Gardens Casino [6-time winner]

Best Night Club/Bar: (Gold) Joe Josts [5-time winner]

Best Sports Bar: (Gold) Legends [15-time winner]

Best Travel Agency: (Gold) AAA Travel Agency [7-time winner]; (Silver) Incredible Journey [3-time winner]

Best Appliance Store: (Gold) Howard’s Appliance [11-time winner]; (Silver) Friedmans Appliance Center [15-time winner]

Best Auto Parts: (Gold) Auto Zone [6-time winner], O’Reilly Auto Parts [2-time winner]

Best Auto Tires: (Gold) Allen Tire Company [3-time winner]; (Silver) Costco Wholesale [5-time winner], Performance Plus Tire [2-time winner], Tom’s Automotive Center [7-time winner]

Best Beauty Supply: (Gold) 2nd St. Beauty Center [18-time winner]; (Silver) Ulta Beauty Supply [2-time winner]

Best Bike Store: (Gold) JAX Bicycles [13-time winner]

Best Book Store: (Gold) Barnes & Noble [5-time winner]; (Silver) Gatsby Books

Best Candy Store: (Gold) Sees Candies [5-time winner]

Best Carpet/Flooring: (Gold) Family Floors [3-time winner]

Best Clothing–Children: (Gold) Kohl’s

Best Clothing–Men: (Gold) Umberto’s [8-time winner], Kohl’s

Best Clothing–Women: (Gold) Kohl’s; (Silver) Marshalls [6-time winner]

Best Computers & Accessories: (Gold) Best Buy [7-time winner]

Best Consignment Store: (Gold) J&L Jewelry

Best Craft Store: (Gold) Michaels [7-time winner]; (Silver) Hobby Lobby [2-time winner]

Best Electronics Store: (Gold) Best Buy [7-time winner]

Best Florist: (Gold) Allen’s Flower Market [8-time winner]; (Silver) Sweet Pea Floral Design [6-time winner]

Best Furniture Store: (Gold) Ashley Furniture [2-time winner], House to Home

Best Garden Center: (Gold) Armstrong Park Nursery & Florist [7-time winner]; (Silver) H & H Nursery [7-time winner]

Best Gift Store: (Gold) Fern’s Garden [3-time winner], J&L Jewelry

Best Grocery Store: (Gold) Stater Brothers [7-time winner]; (Silver) Trader Joe’s [8-time winner]

Best Hardware Store: (Gold) Ace Hardware [18-time winner]

Best Health Nutrition Store: (Gold) Circle Nutrition [5-time winner]

Best Hearing Aids: (Gold) Costco Wholesale [5-time winner]; Connect Hearing [5-time winner]

Best Home Furnishings: (Gold) Home Goods [5-time winner]

Best Jewelry Store: (Gold) J&L Jewelry [18-time winner]

Best Medical Supplies: (Gold) Mobul [6-time winner]

Best Office Supplies: (Gold) Staples Store [7-time winner]

Best Party Supplies: (Gold) Alin Party Supply [7-time winner]; (Silver) Party City [5-time winner]

Best Pet Supply Store: (Gold) PetSmart [10-time winner]; (Silver) Centinela Feed & Pet [1-time winner], Petco [17-time winner]

Best Pharmacy: (Gold) CVS [9-time winner]; (Silver) Rite Aid [2-time winner]

Best Picture Frames: (Gold) Michaels [4-time winner]

Best Self Storage: (Gold) Don Temple Storage [7-time winner]

Best Shoe Store: (Gold) Tenni-Mocs Shoe Store [3-time winner]

Best Shopping Center: (Gold) Los Altos Shopping Center; (Silver) Long Beach Towne Center [6-time winner]

Best Sporting Goods: (Gold) Big 5 [18-time winner]

Best Swap Meet: (Gold) Long Beach Antique Market [7-time winner]

Best Thrift Store: (Gold) Clark & Atherton Mercantile [3-time winner]; (Silver) Goodwill Industries of Long Beach [6-time winner], Assistance League of Long Beach [7-time winner]

Best Toy Store: (Gold) Target Stores [6-time winner]

Best Wines: (Gold) Total Wine & More [4-time winner]; (Silver) Trader Joe’s [11-time winner] 


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