Black Lives Matter

Craig Miller

All lives matter, despite what BLM and its followers would have you believe. Their message is that all policemen are racists and that we, as a nation, are stuck in the same mindset prior to the civil rights movement. That is not true. Since the 1960s, every civil rights law possible has been passed, spurred by the works of Martin Luther King. But still BLM and its minion’s claim to be perpetually discriminated against with no remedy at hand short of rioting.

What exactly does the word “racist” mean? That word is used so frequently and recklessly that it fails to have any specific definition. The word is used as a blunt ax to silence anyone who dares to disagree with BLM and its disciples. Having the epithet “racist” hurled at you is akin to being denounced as a witch in the 1690s. Being smeared as a racist destroys your reputation just as the word “witch” brought you a one-way ticket to a hangman’s noose in the 17th century.

But what specifically does the devastating word “racist” mean; it is a word without a definition that is used to silence opposition. It means whatever the attacker wants it to so that they may verbally beat up someone.

As far as the demand for “justice,” we saw the brand of justice that BLM attracted to its demonstrations in the form of looters and arsonists. The four former Minneapolis police officers have been arrested and charged with very serious felonies; they will have a trial and justice will be served. Otherwise we have mob rule such as we saw with the looters and arsonists.

I repeat, “All lives matter” including the merchants who had their livelihood taken away from them by these criminal mobs claiming to seek “justice.” What do these business people say to their families as they stare into the burnt out shell of a business that once supported them? Their lives also matter but will be largely forgotten, drowned out by the incendiary chanting slogans of BLM and its comrades.



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