Book Review ‘How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man’

Ben Miles

Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States, is the second to the youngest of the children of Fred Trump Sr. (a real estate developer who made a fortune building single-family houses in Queens, barracks and apartments for U.S. Naval personnel close to busy shipyards on the East Coast and over 25,000 apartments in New York City) and Mary Anne MacLoed.

Donald Trump’s niece, Mary L. Trump, daughter of the late Fred Trump Jr. (Donald’s older brother who died at 42 years-old from complications of alcoholism) has written a scathing biography of her Uncle Donald: “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

Not only do Mary Trump’s close-up experiences with her uncle provide a uniquely personal view of the current occupant of the White House, Dr. Trump’s credentials as a licensed psychologist lend credibility to her assessment of Donald Trump’s state of mind (she holds a Ph.D. in psychology and has taught graduate seminars in psychopathology and development psychology).

Raised in an environment, devoid of affection, by his joyless, money-grubbing father (Fred Sr.) and his penny-pinching mother, Mary, an immigrant from Scotland, Dr. Trump refers to her Uncle Donald as “a petty, pathetic little man.” Growing up in such loveless circumstances, Donald Trump trumpets his love of self by boasting, bullying and primping.

In a quickly read 225 pages, there’s little doubt that Dr. Trump has both the personal encounters with her Uncle Donald, as well as the professional expertise to render a psychological diagnosis of the man she refers to as “the world’s most dangerous man.” In her judgment, Donald Trump’s pathologies include sociopathy, narcissism and an attention deficit disorder, as well as other learning disabilities.

In preparing her red flag warning biography of Donald Trump, Dr. Trump, it was recently revealed in the Washington Post and later contained in an Associated Press report, that the author surreptitiously taped 15 hours of discussions with her aunt, former Federal Judge Maryanne Trump Barry.

In those recordings Judge Barry (now 83) gives an unvarnished and troubling account of her younger brother, Donald, stating “He has no principles.” Judge Barry also says that Donald ... “doesn’t read.” Further, Judge Barry says, “It’s the phoniness of it all. It’s the phoniness and this cruelty. Donald is cruel.”

According to Chris Bastardi, a spokesperson for Dr. Trump, “Mary realized members of her family had lied in prior dispositions. Anticipating litigation, she felt it prudent to tape conversations in order to protect herself.” This information came to light after the recent death of Donald Trump’s younger brother, 72-year-old Robert.

Indeed, after reading Dr. Trump’s experience with and evaluation of Donald Trump, it’s reasonable to be torn between the emotions of pity and fear. Pity for the lost soul that Donald Trump is and fear for the nation, which is now under the executive authority of a self-serving and self-absorbed commander in chief.

ISBN: 978-1983141462

Publisher: Simon & Schuster; 1st Edition (July 14, 2020).


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