Broadway Road Diet

I commuted by bike to Pine and Ocean for seven years. Alone. The vast majority of days I never saw another soul. No amount of lanes or car punishment is going to change that. Commuting by bike is like soccer in America. Nobody gives a damn.

Keith Krupp


Just walk along Broadway and see how many handicap spaces there are. If your trying to park a van and use a ramp to exit with your wheelchair ... forget about it.

Broadway was a hopping place to visit but not now. The bike lanes are a good idea – just not there. It’s very dangerous and not safe for those in wheelchairs. Those plastic barricades are dangerous – something to trip over.

I think people that design areas for the handicapped have never been handicapped and are clueless.

Sad that the city leaders truly show they are only in it for their title and not to help the citizens. I sure hope when election time comes people think about who they vote for.

Broadway needs to be changed back.

Patty Palmeri



The Broadway Road Diet is just a glaring example of the lack of careful planning or care that is being proven by the potential danger that it creates not only along Broadway, but Bellflower Blvd., and other streets throughout the city that project has been forced upon we the taxpayer without a care in the world from the installers of the road diets, or bicycle lanes, or other traffic alternating tools being used. Our city leaders are committed to retiring on excessive retirement wages and what feathers their caps NOT on what we who are paying for it all want in the first place. Tuesday is election day and if we all vote NO on measures A & B, Proposition 13; and the replacement for city council seats 2, 6, and 8 we will at least be headed back on track in the right direction.

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