California Budget

Patrick O’Donnell

Governor Newsom’s second proposed budget is fiscally prudent, allowing California to live within its means while prioritizing the needs of our children from preschool to higher education.

As a parent, a teacher and chair of the Assembly Education Committee, the proposed budget for education is a good starting point but I am concerned that we’re not driving more dollars to the classroom. I am also disappointed that there are no new funds to pay our unfunded pension liabilities, such as PERS and STRS. Paying down long-term debt has long-term benefits.

I applaud the governor’s proposal to provide additional funds for professional development for teachers. We should prioritize spending those funds on expanding the pool of teachers, including teachers from diverse backgrounds. The teacher shortage is real.

The state has a responsibility to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn and succeed in the classroom. I support the governor’s attention on special education and look forward to working with the administration and my colleagues in the legislature on a fair funding system and how best to support students with disabilities. I have introduced Assembly Bill 1914 to increase support for students with disabilities in general education classrooms.

I look forward to working on a responsible, balanced budget that supports our students, teachers and schools.

Patrick O’Donnell is a California Assemblymember representing the Long Beach area.


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