Call For 2017 Contest Sponsors

Jay Beeler, Publisher

We are pleased to announce the 16th year of the Beachcomber’s Best of Long Beach Contest which – like prior years – doubles the chances of local businesses winning and acquiring new customers. Again this year the contest will be in two phases, with service-related business ballots distributed in February (announced in early April) and product-oriented business ballots distributed in July (recognized in early September).

We are again asking local businesses and organizations to participate as a sponsor by providing us with 12 gift cards/certificates valued at a minimum of $25 each. Sponsors' name will appear above both the February and July ballots to remind voters of your sponsorship and your cards/certificates will be distributed when the winners are announced. Expiration dates, if applicable, should extend to July 1, 2018. Theater and event admission tickets will be distributed in pairs.

Ballots will also be available on our website,, making it easier for sponsors to share with friends, family and customers so that they can vote using our PDF form and emailing it to us.

Our popular contest typically draws 6,000 votes and makes winning in your category much more meaningful. We will be using the theme of gold and silver business winners in Long Beach and contiguous communities, depending on overall votes received.

Four of your 12 gift cards/certificates are also used as part of our bi-weekly “Long Beach Treasures” contest with the sponsor's logo on the front page of each Beachcomber issue if they also run a minimum of six 1/8 page ads annually in the newspaper.

If your business is not conducive to gift cards we can purchase a dozen on your behalf upon receipt of your $300 check or credit card information and then affix your business card to them when distributed. Gift cards/certificates must be all inclusive and not have any “strings attached,” requiring an additional purchase or commitment on the part of the recipient.

When we distribute your gift cards/certificates, you may optionally provide us with a business card and congratulatory letter -- along with reasons why the winner should use your services versus the competition. A brochure, menu, flier or special discount offer can be substituted but must fit into our 6” x 9” envelopes.

Obviously being a contest sponsor and/or having ads appear in our February or July issues in conjunction with the ballots will create a “top of mind” advantage over your competition. Just ask those businesses that keep winning year after year how they do it. Ads are discounted 30 percent in issues containing the ballots.

Please email if you are interested in participating in 2017. You may either mail the materials or call me to arrange for their pick up. Your materials must be received by January 27 to be included on the ballots, mailed to: Best of Long Beach Sponsor, Beachcomber, P.O. Box 15679, Long Beach, CA 90815-0679. Alternately non-postal items (products other than cards/certificates) may be dropped off at our offices: 5199 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 608, (Los Altos Plaza in Park Estates) Long Beach, CA 90804.

Please call my direct line if you have any questions (562) 985-0780. We also welcome your suggestions on our contest ballot categories, but keep in mind they must be applicable to a large segment of Long Beach area residents -- with multiple competitors -- to be considered.

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  • Link to 4/1/16 Services Winners: CLICK HERE  (see pages 6-7)
  • Link to 7/8/16 Product Ballot/Sponsors: CLICK HERE (see page 4)
  • Link to 9/16/16 Product Winners: CLICK HERE (see pages 5-7)

Thank you and best wishes for a prosperous new year.







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