Call for Healthcare, Fitness, Beauty and Education News Briefs

You are invited to submit a short news item (75-100 words) regarding your organization to be incorporated into our upcoming healthcare, fitness, beauty and education special sections in the Beachcomber January 6 edition. This is an appropriate time to mention any special promotions or events you offer in 2017. There is no charge for this service. Deadline for your news is this Friday, Dec. 30.

Click HERE <>  to see a digital "eReader" version of  the Dec. 23 Beachcomber and view examples of short news items on page 4 (Holiday News Briefs). 

Please note:

*     "News" is anything that is local, timely, unique or different.

*     Lead with your organization name; it becomes the headline.

*     Answer the following: What, Who, When, Where, Why and How?

*     Write objectively in the third person; avoid I, my, we, our, etc.  

*     Include a website and/or phone number to call for more details at the end.

*     Preferred text formatting is 11 point Times New Roman, single line spacing, flush left (no indents or tabs)

*     NO ALL CAPS, no underlines, no italics (unless a title), no color, no bolding  and no exclamation marks!

*     We’ll run items on a space available basis if emailed to

*     Items containing puff verbiage, long press releases or fliers sent in place of the 75-100 word request will be discarded.

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