City Corruption

Robert Van der Upwich

Thanks for the series on LB city corruption by Stephen Downing. I drive the city daily in my occupation with emphasis on Anaheim St., 7th St., and their side streets. Where are the police? I can travel these routes for a week and not encounter one patrol car.

In the meantime, the chaos along these corridors is stunning. There are people walking in the center median as if it were a sidewalk. Darting between moving vehicles, crossing against red lights at crosswalks. Sleeping, camping on sidewalks and yelling and cursing at passing motorists and pedestrians is not unusual. 

The trash looks like South LA. On one occasion, a man was defecating in the bushes at the corner of Cherry and Walnut in front of everyone.  Bums freely digging through trash receptacles. 

I have come to the conclusion that laws are just not enforced and the situation ignored. Is this the vision of a mayor who hides behind slogans like, "Go Long Beach?" 

Is Police Chief Robert Luna a weak leader who just doesn't care about the quality of life for working citizens? When the police don't care, the bums or worse are emboldened and the common citizen who is powerless to enforce anything suffers. 





I have been an eye witness to the corruption in Long Beach. Now as a PhD, I look back at the horrible life I had as a child in Long Beach California and I know it was no accident. From the retaliation from ethically speaking up when I witnessed the theft of monies at the school districts, to professors at High Schools and Cal State LB sleeping with students, to the endless gang stalking of the police on private citizens, to the kidnapping of a young man by police Long Beach is rotten to the core. In addition, it has been for just about the entire time I lived there, 30 years growing up in the filth or greed and narcissism that drives the "Go Long Beach crowd". I assure those of you reading this I am a well trained Public Health official, and while the City of Long Beach may have "handled" me when I was younger, I am preparing a return to you town and I will expose first hand, eye witness accounts of the destruction that your filthy town has brought upon countless victims from around the country.

The Long Beach Police Department, people like Dixon, have gang stalked and kidnapped people, this city is a disgrace to decent people everywhere on the planet. Ask Judge Anita Ray Shapiro SW District Courts Compton California. These are mentally ill individuals under color of authority running a police state, very similar to Hitler. Sorry to say California is no longer run by normal people but by psychotic criminals; like the LBPD...

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