City Hall Corruption

I sat on this [Gonzales, pg. 1] jury 12 days listening intently to the attorneys argue this case. I am angry that the city attorney wants to ask the council for more money to fight our decision! We were not slackers. To think that you would ignore our verdict and go back to see if you could revise our decision is just wrong. The evidence was overwhelming that Mr. Gonzales’ deserved to win his wrongful termination lawsuit. Do not waste my taxpayer dollars with further legal action.”

Jane Hull


Hey, good citizen of Long Beach, ask yourself: If you witnessed police misconduct, what would you do about it? Do you even know that the CPCC exists? Do you know how to file an official complaint with the CPCC? Do you have time to write a complaint and follow up with investigators?

To file a complaint, it takes some work. You have to look stuff up and explain what you witnessed, knowing that whatever you say has the potential to make you a target of police retaliation. If you were to file a complaint, it would probably be about something important, such as an abuse of power, or a betrayal of public trust. Would you ever dream of filing a frivolous complaint? Probably not.

Do the math. In the past 58 months, the director of the CPCC decided to dismiss 460 complaints without investigation. That’s eight complaints per month, every month – two complaints per week, every week. All of these complaints were swept under the rug. [They are] hidden from you and your fellow taxpaying citizens. Why?

Why does the director of the CPCC have the magic power to keep you and members of the CPCC in the dark about 460 complaints? It looks like the city is doing some shady stuff with your money and in your name. Are you OK with it?

City Council must reject the city attorney’s shameful request for more of your taxpayer dollars to persecute a whistle blower. City Council should be demanding a public review of all 460 suppressed complaints, not publicly financing a demented crusade against a guy in a wheelchair.

Fanny Bixby Spencer


This is not about politics. It is about throwing good tax payer dollars after bad (corrupt) policy agenda. How in good faith can city council approve bad faith investments? There is nothing to appeal here. The city attorney knows that based on the trial transcripts. Each council person’s vote must be assessed for transparency and for a determination on the fairness of this assembly. The mayor should make the appropriate appeal to the council and put this behind the city and to revamp the CPCC. Anything less is a cover up of wrong doing by CPCC in violation of the City Charter and of the people’s trust.

Leo [online]


The CPCC and the director have been incompetent from day one as far as I am concerned. Just a shill for the city and a hand maiden for cover ups. Worthless!

Thanks for a thorough explanation of the case, which confirms my perception that the board is simply controlled by the city manager.

Alex J. Norman



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