City Hall Corruption

While serving as President of the Belmont Shore Residents Association (BSRA), I submitted three different complaints of police misconduct to the CPCC on behalf of residents who came to me seeking help after having experienced misconduct by Long Beach Police. The CPCC confirmed they had received the complaints. However, neither the residents nor I ever heard back from the CPCC. The complaints were dropped without even interviewing the residents.

l was contacted by LBPD Commander Cynthia Renaud regarding one of the complaints submitted. She requested I meet with her and her staff over a cup of coffee to discuss the complaint. I accepted her invitation, but her staff called me the next day to say the meeting was cancelled (not postponed) because “something had come up.” I am still curious why this meeting had been arranged and why the LBPD and not the CPCC was involved in the complaint.

Mike Ruehle


It’s unsettling to hear that the ones that are supposed to protect us are corrupt and not taking complaints and crimes seriously. I’m glad there are people out there willing fighting for us and the city.

Courtney Baron



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