City Slackers

Gregory Keller

The sidewalks on the north and south side of Wardlow Road, between Stevely Street and the 605 Freeway have not been cleaned for years. I walk to El Dorado Park four to five times a week and the leaves and dirt from the parks is getting worse by the day. When they water the lawns the water washes mud onto the sidewalks and makes it dangerous to walk on due to the chance of slipping and falling.

I used to see the children riding their bikes to school and now – due to the conditions – they ride in the street which is very hazardous due to the traffic. These are grammar-school-aged kids.

What adds to these hazardous conditions is the dirt that is piled against the fences in places over one-foot high. There are places that the sidewalk is so narrow due to the debris that two people can’t pass each other. The dirt and debris has been there so long there are weeds and grass growing in it.

I have notified my city council member and they assured me they would get right on it. As you can tell by my email for help, this has not happened. With all the workers inside the park, certainly something can be done. All that needs to be done is clean the sidewalks and remove the dirt inside the park stacked against the fence. Thank you and I hope you have better luck than I’ve had.



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