Climate Change

Terrence McQuaid

Climate change is real. [Lowenthal 1-18-19 issue] Our planet’s climate has always changed and it always will whether humans inhabit our planet or not. So called climate warriors like Alan Lowenthal have to realize that the Ice Age was not just an animated movie.

There were times when Ice Ages covered our planet with glaciers, including North America. Here in California fossils of giant walruses and whales have been discovered miles inland from the time when California was cover by ancient seas.

Oh, and the droughts: California has experienced 200- and 80-year droughts as well as other significant droughts as recently as 200 AD and into the 1800s. Yes, climate change is real and it will continue to happen. It will continue to occur due to phenomenon like the earth’s tilting on its axis and other natural occurrences like sun spots and solar flares.

Not sure how cap and trade taxes are going to have any impact on any of these natural occurrences. If people like Alan were smart they would be focusing a little less on carbon emissions and taxes and more on planning for the inevitable. Climate change is most definitely on our planet’s horizon, let’s get ready.



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